Massachusetts Republican Aaron Lewis of Staind shares his political beliefs with paper

Staind frontman, and Massachusetts Republican, Aaron Lewis recently sat down with the Springfield Republican to talk about his new country album and his political beliefs.  Mr. Lewis is a constitutional conservative.  I have found many musicians, especially professional ones, to hold similar beliefs.  Perhaps it’s the fact that they are all freelancing small businessmen.

I’m a Constitutionalist. I believe in the constitution, the powers that it sets forth, I believe in the limited powers that it sets forth. I believe that the government – on both sides – is just as responsible and just as out of control.

The fact of the matter is that the federal government is supposed to be doing 18 things efficiently and properly. Most of these things don’t even get looked at because they’re so busy doing stuff that they’re not even supposed to be doing. Everything is supposed to be on the state and local level.

Why does all the money from the state go to Washington, D.C., first before it comes back to the state? There are so many things broken about a system that was so amazing and so perfect on conception, that the creation of this country and the document that created it made this country the most sought after place in the world for many, many years.

Mr. Lewis continues later in the article to further define his principles.

Nobody is going to tell me that the government knows better as to what to do with my money than I do. I do so much without being told to do it, I don’t need to be told to provide for a bunch of people that wouldn’t get off their ass and provide for themselves. That would be like being in high school and studying your ass off to make sure that you got an A in a test and then the guy who did nothing but party all week and blew off studying gets an F and you both get Cs because he gets to share in your hard work.

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