Marlborough Councilor Matt Elder wants to scrap elected official’s pensions

Republican City Councilor Matt Elder of Marlborough, Massachusettts has filed a home rule petition to make Councilors ineligible for public pensions.  The MetroWest Daily News has the story.

“It’s a ‘good government’ move,” said Elder, who did not sign up for the pension system when he was elected in 2009. “It will ultimately restore some faith in government.”

Elder said he does not understand why councilors, as part-time employees, should be eligible for the pension system just because of their elected status. Other part-time employees in the city aren’t eligible for a pension or health care.

“I know some councilors are going to have some reservations,” Elder said. “Rightfully so – it’s a big piece of legislation.”

Council President Arthur Vigeant said he thinks the issue is a good for the state to tackle.

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