In response to Chairman Nassour’s comments re: Karyn Polito on WCVB

I found The MassGop Chair’s comments on WCVB’s OTR Program regarding Karyn Polito and our statewide results extremely disappointing and one-sided.…

The Chairman seemed to negatively imply that by attending a Tim Cahill for Governor event, Rep. Polito somehow endorsed the fmr Treasurer’s botched campaign for Governor. In fact, Karyn endorsed Charlie Baker and donated to his Committee.…

As Karyn’s senior staffer who oversaw a majority of her scheduling, I supported the idea of sending her to the Cahill event to attract the support of disenfranchised Democrats and Unenrolled voters, particularly on the South Shore. Why? Because that is the ONLY way a Republican candidate for statewide office can win in Massachusetts. And Jennifer Nassour knows it. Or should know that fact.

Example: Secretary of State William Galvin announced last September that 4.15 million people were registered to vote in the 2010 party primaries. Of that, 1.5 million are Democrats, or 37 percent of the total. Another 471,000 are Republicans, equalling 11.4 percent of the total. And 2.1 million or 51.4 percent are unenrolled in any party.

Like it or not, many (D) and (U) Cahill voters represented that “swing block” of the 2010 VOTE.

This was the same pool of voters the Baker/Tisei campaign and National Governors Association FAILED TO ATTRACT in the waning days of the fall campaign, as evidenced by the polls and results.

Karyn Polito was attempting to go where the votes for victory where. Period. As the top vote getter in the 2010 cycle on the GOP side, she did more than respectable gaining 45% considering she (and we) did it all on our own. With the dedicated help and work of local Town Committees.

To violate Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment on a Major Media Program is counter productive and short sighted.

I personally believe the Chairman owes our 2010 GOP Candidate for State Treasurer an apology. Going forward, I hope her and the MassGOP staff focus on reform principles, outlined in


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