In response to Chairman Nassour’s comments re: Karyn Polito on WCVB

I found The MassGop Chair’s comments on WCVB’s OTR Program regarding Karyn Polito and our statewide results extremely disappointing and one-sided.…

The Chairman seemed to negatively imply that by attending a Tim Cahill for Governor event, Rep. Polito somehow endorsed the fmr Treasurer’s botched campaign for Governor. In fact, Karyn endorsed Charlie Baker and donated to his Committee.…

As Karyn’s senior staffer who oversaw a majority of her scheduling, I supported the idea of sending her to the Cahill event to attract the support of disenfranchised Democrats and Unenrolled voters, particularly on the South Shore. Why? Because that is the ONLY way a Republican candidate for statewide office can win in Massachusetts. And Jennifer Nassour knows it. Or should know that fact.

Example: Secretary of State William Galvin announced last September that 4.15 million people were registered to vote in the 2010 party primaries. Of that, 1.5 million are Democrats, or 37 percent of the total. Another 471,000 are Republicans, equalling 11.4 percent of the total. And 2.1 million or 51.4 percent are unenrolled in any party.

Like it or not, many (D) and (U) Cahill voters represented that “swing block” of the 2010 VOTE.

This was the same pool of voters the Baker/Tisei campaign and National Governors Association FAILED TO ATTRACT in the waning days of the fall campaign, as evidenced by the polls and results.

Karyn Polito was attempting to go where the votes for victory where. Period. As the top vote getter in the 2010 cycle on the GOP side, she did more than respectable gaining 45% considering she (and we) did it all on our own. With the dedicated help and work of local Town Committees.

To violate Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment on a Major Media Program is counter productive and short sighted.

I personally believe the Chairman owes our 2010 GOP Candidate for State Treasurer an apology. Going forward, I hope her and the MassGOP staff focus on reform principles, outlined in


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  • not to seem like I support this action by our chair (I don’t), but Karen fired the first shot with her Facebook status update. I would argue that if she had a beef with the state party she should’ve “kept it in the locker room” where it belongs. Her very public airing of this did not help matters at all. Bad moves by two hard-working women. I think I’ll focus on building up my committee until these kids can learn to play well with each other.

  • i guess if you live long enough to actually see how stupid people really are!this is the best thing to happen to polito.she can go for any office in the next cycle,get help from all quarters,and be elected without a problem.she would have every conservative in the state behind her.if she goe’s for state senate after this p.o.s.moore,every tea party member in the state will pound the pavement on her behalf.she will raise 250,000$ without a problem.every sportsmens club in the state will be having fund raisers for her.kodos to jen nasour for helping mobilize the conservatives!

  • edfactor

    First, I’m with Karl – the public should never have heard about this spat, and Ms. Polito fired the first shot.

    However… clearly the MassGOP made the Baker race a huge priority, and that someone would have been at an event with someone seen as the spoiler for the race? I can see how that would really anger the Baker people. (The governor’s race was everything this time around. A Baker win would have changed the party’s standing statewide and the future direction of the state.)

    Mr. Caravetta is absolutely correct that unenrolled voters are the whole game for the MassGOP, but I can think of a hundred ways that could have been accomplished other than doing an event with Cahill. But Polito’s campaign needed to take risks, so I don’t think they necessarily made a mistake, unless they didn’t think of the consequences inside the party.

    Once Chairwoman Nassour was called out publicly by Ms. Polito, I think she had to respond to show that this kind of public insubordination cannot be tolerated. If she’s going to be in charge, she has to act like it, and this is what it looks like. Should she apologize? Not in my opinion.

  •    “The voters are stupid”.

      I will estimate that 2/3 of the voters had no real hint of who to vote for in 2010.

      Accept some blame here too, Dean. After people busted their butts gathering signatures in March and April, YOU had to have “Show of force” standouts in May. I didn’t think that was such a great idea. Maybe your volunteers burnt out by October. I didn’t notice a heck of a lot of them in Southboro on Columbus Day. I was there with Jim McKenna that day. We had a pretty good sized posse.

      Now which are voters going to remember? A fundraiser in 2009 held in Worcester, that black hole of media outlets? Or a “whats-his-name” fundraiser held close to Boston before election day? Again, not a good decision.

      Before you say I don’t know what i’m talking about, I was the scheduler for Sam Meas and Tom Wesley in their congressional races. If I felt an event wasn’t a good idea, I let my thoughts be known. I may not have agreed with the outcome, but we put our differences aside to benefit the campaign.

      I can’t believe I’m saying this: Jenn Nassour doesn’t have a boatload of influence, but she’s our party chair, we may as well deal with it. The Grassroots Conference last weekend was a great start in rebuilding our party.

      You lost, deal with it. Time to move forward.

  • That Nassour needs to step down she is not an effective leader for the ma GOP. To attack someone like Polito is just wrong. Nassour Blew the last election the Gop Wave went across the United Statates then stoped at Ma. Wonder why…President Truman Had a saying “The Buck Stops Here” Well Nassour needs to take responsibility for all the GOP losses in our state.  

  • Attended a forum today on 2010 Races at Suffolk.  The Dems could not believe the obsession of time, money and manpower on Tim Cahill. To paraphrase.  

    Also, Paul, dont we have to make the distinction that Cahill was Unenrolled who bolted the Dem Party — that he as a South Shore native (and office holder) would poll strong there?  As such, no party rules would be broken?

    JR: 800k is alot of money and the GOP candidate for Treasurer could have used back-up.  www.NewMassPlaybook addresses the equity arguement.


      Polito screwed Baker. Probably screwing herself. I was so close to not voting for her after her act of treachery toward our party.

      Jenn Nassour: I’m not your biggest supporter. But I’ll at least tell you to turn around so you know it came from me!

      While we’re still complaining, the Blues are plotting our end.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    What a great candidate.  What a great choice for auditor.  I hand her my sister’s new born for her to kiss (on the campaign trail) any day of the week!

  • I accept responsibility for scheduling Rep. Polito to stop by an event in battleground Quincy for 20 minutes, where there were 2000 people.  I categorically reject the notion that sending my candidate to introduce herself to people (voters) across the political spectrum – in what everyone regarded as the #1 battleground County, as treason or whatever deragatory language people on these posts attempt to call it.

    Mr. Ferro’s arguement is a Red Herring since NO endorsement of Cahill occurred, he was in fact an Unenrolled candidate, which in my mind puts his voters in play for our separate, constitutional race.  I challenge Mr. Ferro to tell me how a Republican candidate in this state is suppossed to reach 50% + 1 vote on Election Day without attracting Unenrolled and Democratic votes?  This isn’t Chicago where the 11% Republican electorate can cast 4 ballots!  (Just kidding Rham or Deval)

    To reiterate, Karyn endorsed Baker early on and she and her family gave his campaign a lot of money.  Also, there is this notion that the State Committee raised money exclusively for Baker, when in truth the feedback we heard was that many, if not all donors were told it was for all the candidates.  The Shrewsbury RTC effort was a stop-gap after 97% of all direct assistance went to just one race. addresses the equity argument not to score political points, but to have the state party’s coffers be most effective in future races locally, regionally and statewide.  After trying a stagnant model for over 20 years, it is time to have a rising tide lift all boats. Just ask KP, Mary Z, Hudak, Golnick, Lamb, Keyes, Hayes, Spadaforda, Lucas etc, etc.

    Lastly, I do not fault the Baker campaign for soliciting or steering support to/from the MassGOP.  They are the top of the ticket, and deserve the vast majority of support.  But, what I’m talking about is helping multiple races down the stretch, especially where polling appeared closer than the Gubanatorial.

  • my stated opinion that nothing will change for the GOP in Massachusetts unless there is real reform from the top-down.

    By the way – Karyn carried AGAWAM with a comfortable margin…as did Mary Z.