In Durant Race, Beware the Unenrolled RINO Hunters

Peter Durant, beware the RINO Hunters.  The bastions of party purity, for whom Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be pure enough, are coming after you.  After all, Reagan – gasp – used to be a Democrat!

Last night one of the usual RINO Hunters forwarded me an article, written for the Boston Conservative, by a Jennifer Gaucher.  The article, none of which will be printed here, purports to state that in Spencer Durant is known as the superhero RINO-Man.  It goes on to state that Peter is supposedly the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

Who is Jennifer Gaucher?  I could find three on the voter rolls, but only one lives in Spencer.  Two things make me think this is our Jennifer Gaucher, first the article reads as if it were written by someone with a townie axe to grind against Peter Durant, second her email address is at, which provides cable and internet to Spencer.  The interesting thing is Jennifer, with the latest data available, is registered unenrolled.  I find it odd that we have an unenrolled voter calling anybody a Republican in Name Only.  

Based on the people and organizations I know supporting Peter, I highly doubt that he’s a RINO.  Since she’s run for legislative office before, I would imagine this is just the opening salvo in Ms. Gaucher’s “independent” non-RINO campaign for the seat.  Only time will tell.

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  • My guess is there is an axe to grind here.  She ran against Stephen Brewer for Senate in 2004 rasied virtually nothing and got obliterated.  Perhaps Peter Durant was not a supporter of hers and she wants to return the favor.  Republicans should rally hard behind Peter.

  • I support Durrant, the true winner of the election – twice. That said:

    It’s a shame the left of obama charlie baker showed up at Durrant’s fundraiser in Longmeadow a few weeks back. It turned a lot of people off who would have gone or sent money. charlie did it for his own edification; to keep his feet wet. Big deal, we don’t want him, never did!

    If Peter knew ahead of time charlie was going to attend, then shame on him and he is a RINO.

    Just remember MAGOP, most of the voters in MA are CONSERVATIVE Unenrolleds (social and fiscal)- and I know you all hate the word TEA, but these are the grassroots Conservatives you need to please, not the MAGOP RINO 12%ers.

    And, the RINO Hunters are the Unenrolled TEA people who put scott in.

    It will be a tough row to hoe for you (and with all you learned yesterday) because the Unenrolleds are wise to MAGOP/GOP tricks. Don’t put too much stock in brown or romney either.  Both Mr. “flip-flops” blew it for this state big time.

  • Jennifer Gaucher and I have a long political history within the town of Spencer.  We first clashed over the recall of selectman in 2000, and while most of the people on both sides of that effort have long since moved on, (and Spencer has become a great town) Jennifer and a few others have never been able to.  In 2004 I did not support her for her run against Steve Brewer (as you can see by the vile nature of her article and her history you can probably tell why), In 2006 I ran against and beat her for Selectman (she was originally elected in 2003).  In 2010 her small group coordinated with Alicea working for my defeat.  

    Every time I run for election her and her group of 3 or 4 followers ramp up the personal attacks, innuendos, and lies in an effort to not just try and defeat me, but because they seem to genuinely enjoy personally attacking people, destroy me.  They have a similar affliction with a former Town Administrator whom they follow around New England warning any town that would like to hire him.

    I have, throughout my short history in politics, always believed that people are smarter than people like Jennifer Gaucher give them credit for.  As such I have been rewarded with the people’s trust at election time, something I am always humbled by and take extremely seriously.  

    I do not engage in tit-for-tat rancor but will on occasion submit responses when I think people need to hear the truth (this is such a time).  I am always happy to answer ANY question that is posed to me.

    Am I a RINO?  I don’t think so.  I believe in conservative principles and consider myself a moderate Republican.  Some ask: “What does that mean?”  It means that I review policy, bills, and decisions based on their merit.  I don’t like to waste money (especially when it is not my own), I demand accountability from the people who work for me, and my government.  In town, I live by the principle of “core services” and limited government, but I’m not part of the “No more money for anything – ever” crowd.  

    I am always amused by the tax and spend label Jennifer hits me with when out of 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts (322 ranked), Spencer ranks 272nd in tax rate, and 302nd in average tax bill.  We have a great town that is fiscally conservative, is on sound financial footing, and has a great team atmosphere.

    I have rambled on long enough, but I would just like to add that I can not agree more with Jefferson (except for the part where he says that I am only conservative part of the time).  If we allow petty differences within our party to drive wedges between us, the Dems only have to sit back and watch as we implode and never move forward in Mass.  The conservative tide in Massachusetts may be coming in a little slower than the rest of the nation, but it is coming in.  We need to nurture it and all pull together to keep the pressure on.

    Peter Durant

    Selectman in Spencer

    Candidate for Re-Election for State Representative in the 6th Worcester District

  • You know the old saying sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me……. ohhhh Peter is a Rhino, Charlie is a Rhino…. so and so is a Rhino, so what, I like Peter and Charlie and guess what folks, Peter is in a race for his future and has great big gianormous legal bills and Charlies money is just as good as the next guys.  Deal with it and Thank you Charlie for helping.  Have any/all of you sent a check to Peter?  I have!  I have also met him in a few different places and think he is a nice guy.  Oh wait, nice guys finish last.  So Peter stop being such a nice guy.  

    You all get my point.  Some person from the past is throwing rocks, I guess she may or may not have her reasons, I think those people who know Peter or have met him should be spreading the word that he’s a nice guy, lets be positive and lets all just get along.  

  • The PAC of the Mass Republican Assembly donated $100 to Peter in January, and I know the goal is to max out to him.

    Republican Assembly literally coined the term “RINO”.  If someone was going to oppose Peter as a ‘RINO” ‘on principle’ it would be the MA-RA.

    Peter Durant is not a RINO.

  • that Republicans would find it ludicrous if I, a Constitutionalist conservative, was running around screaming “RINO!!” like Cliffy.