In Durant Race, Beware the Unenrolled RINO Hunters

Peter Durant, beware the RINO Hunters.  The bastions of party purity, for whom Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be pure enough, are coming after you.  After all, Reagan – gasp – used to be a Democrat!

Last night one of the usual RINO Hunters forwarded me an article, written for the Boston Conservative, by a Jennifer Gaucher.  The article, none of which will be printed here, purports to state that in Spencer Durant is known as the superhero RINO-Man.  It goes on to state that Peter is supposedly the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

Who is Jennifer Gaucher?  I could find three on the voter rolls, but only one lives in Spencer.  Two things make me think this is our Jennifer Gaucher, first the article reads as if it were written by someone with a townie axe to grind against Peter Durant, second her email address is at, which provides cable and internet to Spencer.  The interesting thing is Jennifer, with the latest data available, is registered unenrolled.  I find it odd that we have an unenrolled voter calling anybody a Republican in Name Only.  

Based on the people and organizations I know supporting Peter, I highly doubt that he’s a RINO.  Since she’s run for legislative office before, I would imagine this is just the opening salvo in Ms. Gaucher’s “independent” non-RINO campaign for the seat.  Only time will tell.

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