I Want Your Body!

(Make every attempt to be in Boston tonight.  I’m trying my best. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Union membership is 14.5% in Massachusetts and they own you, your family, and this state.  They have been the loudest minority for 60 years.

You can change this by meeting with us at Park Street at 4:00 pm today.

This is the first wave of the Democratic push back after last November.

If you cannot give 3 hours to make your state a better place to live and work what does your state owe you? How can they hear you? Do you talk to the governor and your representatives on a monthly basis?

If you cannot use your body to fill space on a street to make a point how is anyone in Massachusetts going to know what you think?

Eating soup together and writing a check isn’t political activism.  We are all guilty of being in the same near useless supper club.

Conservatives must change the way they operate in this state or we are self-dammed to irrelevancy.

I know your family and jobs are important.  This is another activity that helps to ensure a better future for your family and company.

It sounds silly but politicians do count heads and the loudest minority rules the day.  

There are more conservatives and moderate independents in Massachusetts than Union Members. But politicians will never respond to us until we begin standing in front of them and telling them what we want.

Come and join the new loudest minority.  We will grab a drink and eat soup afterward.    

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