Howie Carr vs. Scott Brown; Trouble Brewing For Brown

For those of us monitoring Scott Brown’s blue state fence straddling, Howie Carr took Brown to the woodshed today.  I’ve paid little mind to attacks on Brown by outsiders and Tea Party amateurs, most of whom are clueless regarding the political landscape here.

But Carr’s lashing caught my attention. It’s a potentially devastating. When Howie rides someone, it can be brutal and the relationship can degenerate. We all know the pivotal role talk radio plays for Scott Brown and his message machine. Carr’s latest volley sounds he’s reaching a breaking point:

“I knew Scott Brown way back when, before he changed his name to Scott Brown-McCain” …

“And the publisher did give Scott a ton of dough. But what a price to pay, stiffing everybody in Boston for days on end – in return for a sob story on a pathologically dishonest program that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party” …

“If only he were as concerned about the people who elected him as he is with protecting Les Moonves and the rest of the Beautiful People at Black Rock” …


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  • Here is my problem with Howie Carr, the man shills his books on air every day multiple times a day and he is dissing Scott for protecting his big pay day.  Howie the man who got free lipo, hair, teeth and a car should be the last one to throw rocks at the glass house.  

    I personally will not be buying or reading the book, nor will I be reading Deval’s book.

  • The increasingly addled Mr. Carr has been whining along similar lines since the day the Scott Brown molestation story broke:

    Howie is occasionally brilliant, but most of those occasions were a long, long time ago.  Unfortunately, for a quite a while now his shows and columns have consisted almost exclusively of a few well-worn shticks and/or the repetitive airing of whatever petty grievance Howie is feeling consumed with that day.  Still, Howie was a huge booster during the special election and it would hurt Sen. Brown if all his venom was turned on Brown in the next election.

    Howie this, of course, and whatever his beef with Brown is, he’ll hate Brown’s opponent more.  Don’t worry, Howie will fall in line for the next election.      

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I think all the liposuction, hair transplants, dental implants, laser surgery, corneal surgery, has done some damage to his cerebral cortex.  I think when they sucked out his fat with liposuction they actually got a large part of his brain.

    I also think Howie is jealous because with all the free reconstructive surgery he is having he is still nowhere near as attractive as Scott Brown.

    With all the true lefties to pick on in Massachusetts why is Howie making a target of someone on our side?

  • edfactor

    Talk radio merely affects the degree of infighting we get among some Republicans. It has nothing to do with whether or not we capture the 51% of un-enrolled voters. Brown must know this. (His massive war chest is not meant to convince Republicans to vote for him again- we do all get that, right?)

    As someone who listens to no talk radio, reads no right-wing blogs (other than RMG), and watches absolutely zero Fox on TV, yet, is constantly in political arguments with un-enrolled and Democrat voters in the greater Boston area, I would say this to RMGers:

    Get out there into discussions with non-Republicans. You don’t need the thoughts of small-minded men like Carr to be Republican.  Turn off right-wing media and free your mind.  

  • In the past year Howie Carr has done nothing but show his true colors.  He is not a Republican, will take one down in a second, and cares only about himself.  I stopped listening a long time ago.

    Howie didn’t make Scott Brown who he is and Howie isn’t going to have anything to do with his re-election either.  Senator Brown will be re-elected because of his hard work and doing the right thing.

    I have great respect for the Senator.  Mr. Carr, not so much.

  • I heard tell on Peter blute show today that Howie was ticked off that Peter was mentioned in the book and Howie was not.

  • politicalmadman

    Howie trashes everyone at will when he feels he no longer needs them – See Pat Buchanan.

    Yet he has his own hidden demons. He has done a lot of good work but he isn’t king and even they can fall quickly see Tunisia, Egypt, and soon Lybia.