Herman Cain at CPAC 2011

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In my opinion, Herman Cain gave the best speech at CPAC 2011.

It was a 28 minute speech. I was in the audience and have cut it down to what I think is the best 5 minutes. There were so many great moments it was hard to choose.

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  • Also – a friend called me out of the blue, and told me to look at him.  I was surprised, because he had been totally devoted to one of the 2008 candidates who may run again, and if Cain has captured HIM – he’s viable!

  • when he’s decided that Obama was born in the US:


  • ErnstStavroBlofeld

    Conservatives are starved for black politicians to call their own and will lock on to anyone, anyone who steps up to the plate.

    Of course there is no mention of this.

    “I get confused for a waiter a lot…”