Governor Patrick Found the Magic Bullet for Cost Containment?

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Thoughts on Governor Deval Patrick’s speech this morning about phase II of health reform in Massachusetts: cost containment. Without seeing the bill language these are my thoughts-however, it sounds like much “fussing over the details” will remain even after he files the bill.

Broad themes

  1. He deserves credit for putting the first bill on the table.

  2. As has been the case for almost a year, the devil is still in the details.  The speech did not do much to illuminate, but it did serve to take a few things off the table. Much of the implementation of this bill will play out in the regulatory space anyway.

  3. This is a longer term play. There are real problems happening now, especially for small businesses, and there should be concern that many of them cannot hold on till these policy debates resolve and take hold in the next 4-10 years.

Four provisions mentioned in his speech:

A) Bill will set out Standards and Benefits for Accountable Care Organizations(ACO), and alternative payment methods

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