Dreyfuss, Civics, And The Disaffection Of The Old Left

Actor/Activist Richard Dreyfuss was interviewed recently by PJTV CEO Roger Simon at the 2011 CPAC Convention being held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.

What I found interesting about the interview was that it presented itself as yet another example of how certain members of the creative community who used to identify themselves as liberal – or even “red diaper babies” – are gradually rejecting the rigid ideologies of the New Left as being no better than the rigid ideologies they percieved to be emanating from the Old Right. (“Oh, I get it,” chuckled Dreyfuss. “YOUR totalitarian psychopath is better than HIS totalitarian psychopath.”) Dreyfuss sounds as if he’s become a born-again constitutionalist even though at times he feels uncomfortable describing America as “exceptional.” His distaste for BOTH political parties echos the same kind of disgust that drives today’s Tea Party movement across America. Yet one comes away impressed with his obvious love of America in particular (he’s a Civil War re-enactor according to the Internet Movie Database) and his love for Western Civilization in general. His Dreyfuss Initiative is a non-profit organization “formed to revive, elevate and enhance the teaching of civics in the United States of America,” according to its website. “This country is a miracle and the whole world knows it except Americans because we don’t teach it.”

Dreyfuss has decided to reach out to conservatives, libertarians, & Republicans in the hopes of finding common ground on which to build a better future for everybody. Massachusetts conservative/libertarian/Republican leaders should follow Dreyfuss’ example. Given the amount of creative people who live & work in the Bay State, it would behoove the Massachusetts Republican Party to make it a point to actively court said creatives who aren’t acting as shills for the New Left. Many segments of the Old Left (formerly known as “Reagan Democrats”) deeply resent the debilitating influence of both the New Left & the soulless DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) on their party. (Plymouth County Commissioner Anthony O’Brien‘s decision to switch from Democrat to Republican underscores that reality.) The state GOP leaders should actively court & bring into the fold those elements of the Bay State’s creative community who, like Dreyfuss, embrace & support America’s uniqueness. Failure to do so will result in the continued dominance of the New Left on our state’s culture & its cultural institutions at the expense of the ideas & principles which allegedly guide the Massachusetts Republican Party.

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