Conservatives Showed!

Janet Wu grossly overestimated both Union and Conservative turnout as 100’s of Tea Partiers and 1000’s of Union members.

Conversations with attendess and my own observations:

380-450 Union Members

90-110 Conservatives

20-25% for a counter rally is excellent. If we had all been wearing similar t-shirts it would have really put an exclaimation point on our  great turnout.  

I arrived late about 4:30. At 3:30 Conservatives were outnumbered by only 2/1. At 4:15 buses showed up with Union Members.

Conservatives faced typical Union tactics.  No bloddy noses but some pushing and shoving. One Union member kicked the wooden staff that a Tea Party Ensign was flying from.

I beleive Tea Party members have video of a physical altercation that Michael Graham had with a bunch of Union members.    

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