Another attack upon democracy in our republic that is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A great many good people – regardless of political affiliation – exercised their rights to lobby their legislators through the democratic process in our republic that is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the past several years and successfully defeated the so-called “Bathroom Bill”.

Thanks to His Excellency, democracy has – once again – been subverted while our social bonds fray and public safety concerns increase.

Yet another example of the golden bricks of good intention paving the road to Hell.  The unintended consequences will not only be negative but perhaps very dangerous.  I haven’t met anyone yet who, when learning the full implications of the original Bathroom Bill, wasn’t in complete & total opposition.  

During the traditional marriage debates, I remember chanting “one man, one woman LET THE PEOPLE VOTE.”  This time not only do we not get to vote but our elected officials – the legislators who are supposed to represent us – VOTED time & again…and were undermined by an executive order upon which they cannot vote!

In a move blasted by opponents as an “end run” around lawmakers, Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday quietly signed a controversial transgender rights executive order, called the bathroom bill by critics, making it illegal to discriminate against state workers on the basis of “gender identity.”

Patrick signed the changes with no announcement. The measure was a major issue during Patrick’s tough re-election battle last year.

The executive order, unlike a similar bill that died in the Legislature over the past three years, needs no legislative approval and only applies to jobs, programs and services within state government.

“If this indeed is a bathroom bill, if it is there’s no doubt that it will impact the public schools,” said Kris Mineau, a longtime opponent of the bill.…

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