And then there were four

It started out with three, two republicans and one democrat, then there were two, one republican and one democrat, then there was one, a republican for a very short time, then there were two again, then three and now four, one republican, one democrat and 2 independents. Of course I am talking of the 6th Worcester district representative’s race.

On Thursday  February 24, 2011, The Worcester Telegram in it’s article entitled “Boria takes out papers for Sixth Worcester seat” announced that Peter Boria a selectman in Charlton has taken out papers to run in the May 10 special election, joining incumbent Geraldo Alicea – Democrat, also of Charlton, Peter Durant – Republican from Spencer and Robert Cirba an independent from Spencer.  As you may know this is the election which Durant won by four votes and then after the recounts were done and a court case decided, it was deemed a tie and a new election was ordered. While Boria is not officially on the ballot, he still has to receive the required signatures; it is likely he will make the ballot.

This certainly has been an interesting race, the race that never seems to end, one which will surely go down in the annals of state elections.

There are so many questions one can ask about this whole process. For example, in the court case how can a person, who claims he went to vote and was not allowed to, yet no one remembers him being there and he was never given a provisional ballot, be believed? And while there may not have been any collusion or wrongdoing, there were some problems with the ballot boxes and the way the recount was handled in Southbridge. Then there is the question on whether or not it is right to allow anyone to run, or if it should be restricted to the original two candidates. Is it fair to Alicea and Durant to now have two more candidates which they didn’t have before? While little is known at this time about these two independents, other than the fact that Cirba has been an outspoken critic or Durant’s, they both will pull votes from at least one, if not both of the original candidates. While it is legal and right, somehow it seems unfair.

But if we look on the bright side, it will give those of us who follow and write about these things more to opine on, after all, we wouldn’t want out fingers to get fat from lack of use.

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