A Court Ordered Special Election in the works?

(It is official.  There is a special election. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I saw a couple quotes from twitter breaking the news about the Judge’s ruling in the Durant-Alicea recount.

mlevenson (Michael Levenson):

House official: Judge rules Alicea-Durant election is a tie, which could force a re-vote in the 6th Worcester District. #mapoli #magov

TrueMarriageMA (CoalitionforMarriage):

New special election ordered in 6th Worcester. #mapoli

I have yet to find confirmation in the usual media channels so my comments may be premature. However, I can’t help but wondering if the Legislature will stick to their earlier precedent of ignoring a Judge’s ruling, which calls for a new election. In this case, that would lead to the seating of the GOP candidate, Durant. In the previous case, it led to the seating of Matt Patrick (D).

Obviously, the main difference is that the Judge apparently ruled a tie in this case while a Judge called for a new election in Patrick-Wheatley election due to voting irregularities. I expect the Legislature will give more weight to this ruling, and go along with a special election. However, the strange thing is that they can do whatever they want at this point. They could sit Alicea, Durant or call for a special election.

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