The Left Tries to Capitalize on Tragedy

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Obviously what happened to Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is a horrible and disgusting act of violence perpetrated by a kid with serious issues. But what has come out of the tragedy is the left’s attempt to profit upon this act. In the couple days following the shooting, the left has blamed Rush Limbuagh, Sarah Palin, Republican rhetoric, Tea Party activists, and the right’s support for guns.

As editorials begin to leak out from leftists such as Paul Krugman, who as a political writer should stick to his day job as an economist, his quick blog after the shooting blames the shooter being a “hate-monger” for Republican ideals, nevermind the fact the guy was a wack-job pot smoking leftist, according to what he’s released on the internet. Daily Kos main man Markos Moulitsas already blamed Sarah Palin because she had a political target list to try and convince those representatives to repeal ObamaCare or to have a candidate run against those that voted for it, obviously it was a little tasteless because of the shooting, but Palin’s purpose wasn’t for attacking people, only ignorant profiteering fools would even think that.

In today’s Boston Globe, my favorite writer Derrick Jackson has a column attacking America’s gun culture that is responsible for the shooting. I understand his column because as a leftist, he needs to blame an inanimate object, as opposed to the person’s mental problems. He goes on to list the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings as examples of “senseless” killings as a means to ban guns. He also lists statistics of America’s gun culture:

“In a new study published this month in the journal Trauma, researchers from UCLA and the Harvard School of Public Health found that in a comparison of 23 high-income countries, the United States has staggering firearm death rates. Our firearm homicide rate is nearly 20 times higher than the other countries and 43 times higher for teens and young adults ages 15 to 24. Just as telling, our overall suicide rate is lower than in the 22 other high-income countries, but our firearm suicide rate is 6 times higher.”

My question to Jackson is, how many of these crimes involving guns are committed by people that are fully licensed gun owners and not inner city thugs shooting each other, which frequently occurs in Roxbury, Dorchester,and Mattapan, but to which Jackson doesn’t feel like responding to because it gains him and his ilk no profit because those are the same people supporting his party.  

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