State plans to ask Evergreen to return $3m in aid

This should make you feel better. I heard today that we may be offering tax incentives to computer gaming manufacturers. Can’t find the link.

Massachusetts acknowledged today it will likely only be able to recoup a fraction of the tens of millions of dollars it spent to help Evergreen Solar Inc. build a massive solar panel manufacturing plant in Devens.

The state originally said it hoped to take back a significant portion of the aid after the Marlborough company announced plans a week ago to shutter the plant by the end of March and eliminate 800 jobs in Devens. The state originally awarded Evergreen more than $58 million in grants, tax incentives, land and upgrades to Devens — of which roughly $38 million has been spent so far.

But Gregory Bialecki, the state’s secretary of economic development and housing, said at a press conference today that the state believes it can only force Evergreen to pay $3 million in direct grants given to the company.…

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