Republican Jeff Perry Gets $110,000 Kiss in the Mail – Any Outrage Pending?

It seems like any time a Democrat hires another Democrat for a job, the Boston Herald, Howie Carr, and the occasional RMGer go apoplectic. Graft! Beacon Hill cronyism! Backroom insider dealing!

Well, I look forward to the Herald, Mr. Carr, and this blog flipping out over an outgoing State Representative getting hooked up with a six-figure job that hasn’t been filled in years. Kiss in the mail much?

Jeffrey D. Perry, the former state representative who narrowly lost in a hard-fought campaign for Congress in November, begins today serving in the position of special sheriff of Barnstable County.

In that $110,000-a-year position, Perry, a Republican of Sandwich, will be the top assistant to James M. Cummings, the long-time Barnstable County sheriff. Perry, 47, could not be reached for comment this morning.

The move positions Perry, an attorney and former Wareham police officer who served eight years on Beacon Hill, to maintain a public profile for possible future campaigns for elective public office.

Perry’s campaign for Congress against Democrat William R. Keating, the former Norfolk County district attorney, faced accusations that as a police officer, Perry stood by while an officer under his supervision strip searched a teenage girl. […]

Cummings said he has gone without a special sheriff for several years.

So, basically, instead of trimming back government spending, the County is giving Republican Jeff Perry over $100,000 a year to hang out in a job that has gone unfilled for years (and is, therefore, probably quite unnecessary) so that he can “maintain a public profile for possible future campaigns for elective public office.”

Great use of taxpayer dollars. Any outrage from RMGers? Or is it A-OK because Perry is a Republican?

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