Open Letter to Nassour and McCarthy – Hiring Staff Matters

Without the proper players to do the work, who the Chairman is, or what their proposed agenda is, is a moot point. I have seen this from inside and outside of the Party structure.

If you can’t buy elections as the Democrats do, they have to be won by out smarting and out working the Democrats. That is only done with smart, capable people in positions to make change.

For this reason, the Chairman, and his/her agenda, is truly dependant upon the team that is put together.

I submit to you who the next Chairman should hire, for what rolls and why. This structure may seem slightly different than in past years, but by eliminating the $72,000 a year paid to off site consultants, and if other cost savings measures expected in the current audit are implemented, this staff structure should be equal to or less than what is currently spent, and provide more productive work hours by staffers.  

Executive Director: This Job should be split to maximize two individuals areas of specialty.

Nate Little ED of Communications, Messaging and Party Spokesperson. Nate is a media master, and if more of his time was spent on this, and less on office management, I am certain the Party would see the benefit within the media. I remember he was the person who came up with the “Gang of Three” idea originally called the “Axis of Taxes” in 2002. If he was allowed to focus on things such as daily talking points and co-writing OP ED’s with the Chairman, the equivalent value earned within the media could not be purchased.

Rob Willington ED of New Media, Training and Data building. Rob is THE go to person in our Party, NATION WIDE for New Media because of his skills displayed during Scott Brown’s Election. He is a skilled trainer and knows how to build and manage all data needed. Solid data creates excellent results.  Even if he was only hired for one or two days a week on site, his knowledge would be valuable.

Political Director: There should be 4 by region to ensure effectiveness and quality of time spent with candidates and town committees. They should be treated as Political Consultants by the candidates and town committees.

Monica Medeiros North Shore, Metro North, Essex and Middlesex.   I doubt there is anyone in the Party who has better experience at all levels of campaigning than Monica. Good, smart people like Monica are often lost forever to the private sector, and it would hurt the Party if that happened.  She has already been elected to the School Committee AND City Council in Melrose, as well as served on the State Committee for a decade, all before she is old enough to run for President.

Paul Ferro Greater Worcester/Metro West. Look how he has turned around the City of Marlborough as Chairman of the City Committee and a sitting City Councilor. You want a model for turning a city or town red, ask Paul Ferro.

Bill Rivers South of Boston, Metro South, Bristol Plymouth, Norfolk. Cape.  I have known him longer than most, so I may be more familiar with his skills, but ask Representative Elect D’Emilia about him sometime if you have any questions.

Peter Miller Western Mass. He has worked in the State House for a while, but he is a go to guy for many of the successful elected officials there. Again, because I know him and have seen him work, I may have a unique insight.

Field Director: I am only suggesting one because regional field people are often only hired within the final two months of the election cycle. Because of this, it is important to have ONE solid person who can manage to set up the infrastructure, work mostly with volunteers until the time comes for hiring seasonal staff, and implement the plan accordingly.

Matt Gauvin Field Director.  I do not know where he currently is, but I watched him implement one of the most complete GOTV efforts, using GPS systems and black berries, before they were common place. I can only imagine what he could do now with the tools/toys available.

Finance Team.  Because this is going to be a cycle where Senator Brown is running for reelection, his team will no doubt play a roll in any finance plan, I am suggesting a different structure than normal.

Melissa Ward Lucas Finance Advisor. The fact is, she has more experience than anyone else and could easily manage the direction needed. She is hands on enough to where you do not have worry, but she also is more than capable to develop the plan and manage how it is implemented with whomever you wish to hire. She need not be the day to day person, but even 2 days a week on site would be enough to properly manage the plan. Melissa’s experience will make a difference.

Erin Maloney Finance Director. I guess all I can say is trust me. Sometimes really talented, smart people just don’t get the opportunity. She deserves it and should get it. Her activism is known and respected and I would hate to lose her to the private sector.

Kaitlyn Greeleyis currently at the Party and operates in a catch all position. Much like a utility player in baseball. The fact is, because of the transient business that is politics, and with the opportunities expected within the next 2 years with Presidential Election looming, you need to keep someone on staff at all times who can step up and fill that void when change occurs. Kaitlyn is a very quick learner and with mentors like the people I listed above, she will only excel.  

Good, experienced people need to be encouraged, hired and given leadership opportunities, or we as a Party will lose them to apathy.  

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