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 So much for silence from the right.

 First of all, let me state that I abhor physical violence. Although I’m sure some of you were amused with the death threats on my client billxi. There are enough cuss words to allow anyone to vent their rage.

 Now while you folks are trying to blame the Arizona violence on everyone you can…


 He extorted people, most likely loyal Democrats for cash payments in order to keep their patronage begotten posiions. Not just the usual wink and “preacher’s handshakes”. EXTORTION! There is no other way to put it. Not campaign donations and some time off work to hold signs on election day. EXTORTION!

 He didn’t even wait to get the proverbial slap on the wrist from the democratic laden judiciary. It just wasn’t worth taking his own life. He just could have joined the other convicted Democratic felons in their coffee club.

 Answer me Sabutai: I beg to hear your excuses for this.

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