Is Karyn Polito angry?

(I’m more interested in the conversations about RTC’s.  Don’t like what the MassGOP does?  Start or join your local RTC/RCC, and support Republicans through your committee.  You can BE Jennifer Nassour!  (P.S. Republican Living in Marlborough?  Email me!) – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Don’t know the woman, but it appears from Karyn’s facebook post that she may be upset. I voted for her so maybe I should be upset. Wondering what similarities we will find when we analyze the Mary C race. I’m thinking we may need an auditor sometime soon.

Karyn PolitoIn case you missed it…the dem state committee supported my opponent with in kind contributions totaling 728k mostly used for advertisement. I received zero in kind contributions from mass gop. I thank my hometown committee for helping me. Local town-city committees are a good and needed fundraising resource for candidates since the state party has not been supportive.

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