Durant-Alicea: A Summary

   I am not Fox News, I am not MSNBC. I consider the link a pretty accurate portrayal of the dispute.


  If the link doesn’t show, it is in the Webster Times, 1/28/11, p. 6. It is well worth a bit of searching for.

  Alicea and/or his supporters should give up their quest to steal this election while he still has a shred of credibility, should he decide to run for office in the future.

  It is very curious that all of the improprieties happen in the same precinct, of the same city,  by people of hispanic sounding last names.

  For the loser, get-a-life folks on BMG: OF COURSE IT’S THE SAME WEB ADDRESS. We’re collaborating. We/I love messing with your little minds.


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