Deval plays the patronage game as well as the rest of them

In the great film classic Casablanca, Major Renault makes the following statement when confrounted with the idea that gambling is occurring right under his nose..”I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

Well I’m shocked, shocked to find out that the choir boy, otherwise known as Deval Patrick plays the patronage game about as well as the rest of the slugs on Beacon Hill. Why would we pay a parole board chair $120k? How many hours per week do they even meet?

From the new paper of record, the Herald.

The board’s $120,000-a-year chairman, Mark Conrad – a former Milton police officer who was Gov. Deval Patrick’s campaign driver – did not return a phone call and was not at home last night. He has donated $600 to Patrick’s campaign, including a maximum $500 donation in 2009.

Conrad, who was appointed to the board by Patrick in 2007, was one of six members who voted unanimously to release Cinelli.

He was confirmed by the Governor’s Council over the objection of member Mary-Ellen Manning. In a 2007 letter opposing Conrad’s appointment, Manning wrote: “The laissez-faire approach of the Patrick administration to the makeup of the Parole Board and the public safety concerns impacted should cause great concern.”

A Patrick spokesman said, “This was a tragic event, and the governor’s thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Maguire’s family and colleagues. We are awaiting the completion of the review of the Parole Board’s decision before making any comments relative to next steps.”…

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