Defending local fishing industry, restaurant giant takes on self-righteous environmentalists

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Roger Berkowitz of Legal Seafoods isn’t about to buckle under from pressure by so-called environmentalists undermining the fishing industry in Massachusetts. The owner of Legal Seafoods will hold a night of “blacklisted” cuisine which includes tiger shrimp, cod cheeks and hake which are endangered according to Seafood Watch. Berkowitz thinks the claims of the environmental group are junk science.

The Gloucester Times reports:

The decision by Berkowitz to put Legal Seafoods’ shining brand up against the eco-labelers is certain to fuel the bitter struggle between the domestic seafood industry – especially New England’s iconic fishing culture – and the big green anti-fishing forces headed by the Pew Environment Group and the Environmental Defense Fund, whose former vice chairwoman Jane Lubchenco was put in charge of fisheries by President Obama in 2009.

Berkowitz, whose buyers account for 1,000 tons of seafood a week, nearly all of the finfish from domestic suppliers – primarily in Gloucester, New Bedford, Boston and Portland, Maine – said he decided it was time to challenge the “ENGOs” or environmental non-government organizations such as Monterey that pressure chefs and owners to use only the seafood that is approved by the various guides.

Hat’s off to Berkowitz, who probably will become victim to a silent and not-so-silent boycott. Says Berkowitz: “I’m not going to roll over and play dead.”

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  • I always chuckle when I think of the Legal restaurant right across the street from the NW Aquarium. Talk about stones. Glad to see he’s not buckling. Take it to em! I say.

  • CVarley

    Remember the Whole Foods buycott?

  • I’ll be loyal to Legal now. I wish some of our political leaders showed this much moxie. But I dont expect much from the state GOP. Fighting environmental extremism isn’t kosher amongst the Boston martini class. Really, any issue not invovling reform and taxes is probably considered an alienating “social” issue.  

  • politicalmadman
  • Roger your business will increase for standing up to the environmental whackos’s…One delicious tuna burger please .

  • From the contrived global warming hoax, to the now debunked connection from inoculations to autism, we are under assault from the altruistic tyranny of junk science. If it is not our diet, it is how we heat our homes, get to work or even how we spend our free time.

    These people have adopted the new credo: “we from the government and are here to help you … or else”.

    Everyone should be telling these activists disguised as scientists to go away.  

  • You can read the Senator’s comments in the article but here’s how it started off…say goodnight to a $1 billion industry & New Bedford being America’s most lucrative seaport!

    NEW BEDFORD – Political leaders were shocked and angry Friday as U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced there would be no help forthcoming for the region’s fishing industry.

    In a letter to Gov. Deval Patrick, Locke rejected the argument that catch shares and sector management were collapsing the fleet and threatening the area’s fishing heritage.

    He rejected both Patrick’s plea for $21 million in direct financial help for struggling fishing families as well as the argument that allowable catch limits were set needlessly and punitively low.

    The fishing community in New Bedford and Gloucester, in particular, was hoping Locke could be persuaded to raise catch limits so that boats could take enough fish to meet expenses, and that some financial help would be available to get fishing families through the winter.