Words to Live By

As I have my breakfast & get ready to go to work, I’ve done a wee bit of posting of a moral variety.  Well, let me bring it back to the political.

Despite what one may think of the administration of President Richard Nixon, he was a Republican, and his farewell address to his staff is one of my more favorite speeches.

A few months back during the heat & hatred of the campaign season I emailed an excpert of that speech to my partner at work.  She liked it so much that she posted a copy in our office area.  Just last night couple of other co-workers happened to notice the saying & equally reflected positively.

I first heard of it about 15 years ago, maybe closer to 20, when I bought my first computer & played the encyclopedia it came with.  As such, I wanted to share the famous statement with everyone.

Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.


Now, unlike Nixon – I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.  However, the sentiment is still words to live by.

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  • …isn’t that a big time no, no at the Sheriff’s office?

  • cfblake2

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Too much yellow though.  She could break it up with a different colored belt or perhaps a scarf.  

    And Brock you need some better quotes man, like get a book of famous quotes or something.  This one is a little flat, and not very inspirational, especially coming from a guy leaving office with “deep humility”.  

  • I don’t find that too inspirational. He’s being defensive. Classic Nixon. Whether you hate or refuse to hate someone because they hate you should have nothing to do with ‘winning’. You take the high road because it is the right thing to do.

    And yeah, he was a Republican, so I guess he is on our ‘team’ like Lincoln, but he was no conservative and him and his ilk were asleep at the switch for fifty while the radical march pressed on.

  • When I read it, I was thinking about what chutzpah Nixon had in advising OTHERS not to be petty.

    After watching it, I came away with someone who admitted that he had let the perceived hatred of himself by his “enemies”  lead him down a path that led to his own destruction.