Why is MassGOP MIA in Durant’s race?

Those of you that attended the Republican Convention this year remember the support from the podium for Richard Ross. Ross was a State Rep running in a special election for the State Senate seat vacated by Senator Brown. There was a push at the convention for donations in order to “keep the momentum going” and several,almost daily, emails by MassGOP reminding everyone about the importance of keeping the seat and asking for all hands on deck. The State Committee staff was trying to rally financial and volunteer support, and did a great job. Richard won and has held onto the seat this past November.

Wither Peter Durant?

Peter won the 6th Worcester Seat in an upset over the incumbent Geraldo Alicea by 4 votes. Durant, like many State Rep candidates, had little to no support from the State Party before November 2nd. Rep. Alicea has been an advocate for great pieces of legislation like the National Popular Vote Act, the sales tax increase in state tuition for illegal immigrants, and other progressive ideals. After his narrow loss, Alicea asked for a recount and due to several questionable practices, picked up 3 seats in the Democratic stronghold of Southbridge. So, Durant still wins by 1 right? Well, Alicea has called into question an absentee ballot that was thrown out due to two votes being cast for Governor. Neither one for these was for the Patrick/Murray pairing. The voter scribbled a poor oval OUTSIDE the prescribed oval for Alicea, with perhaps 10% being inside of it. Alicea has gone to court demanding that this ballot be counted for him. According to Alicea, on this ballot, even though other Democrats did not have votes cast for them, Republicans in other races DID have ovals filled in, and the voter did NOT fill in Alicea’s oval, the court should rule that the vote was INTENDED for him. Alicea is also trying to find people who claim that they were now denied the ability to vote on November 2nd, and is looking for the race to be declared a tie, and he be awarded a do-over. He didn’t take the race seriously before, and his larger war chest would help in a new election.

Now Durant has been uninvited to join other Freshman Reps in functions. It seems clear that the intention is to freeze Peter out, seat Alicea, and push the court process to page 18 of the papers where months later Alicea will win his war of attrition and continue on as State Representative. Through previous rulings, SJC has held that the House is the sole determinant of the winner. The courts can rule on the validity of ballots, but the House will have the final say on who, if anyone, is sworn in on January 5th. Who do you think the leadership will side with?

This election is in the process of being stolen. Representative Charlie Murphy admitted as much prior to the recount when he was quoted as hoping that there was a few more votes that they could “flip.”

Where is the State Committee on this? Durant’s team is having to cough up thousands of dollars in legal fees that it doesn’t have in order to win a seat he rightfully won on November 2nd. There is nothing on the state GOPS’s website. No tweets, posts, or blurbs, either. Has anyone heard of a fund raising effort by the Staff to help Durant raise money to hold onto this seat? This is yet, another instance of our state party refusing to go to bat for the “little guys.” All the Facebook site has is information on Christmas parties and grassroots conferences next year. Hey, how about winning a seat RIGHT NOW?

I am not affiliated with Durant’s campaign, but he needs our help. The state party look like it will once again do nothing to help, and then take all the credit when he does defeat Alicea in court. If you have a chance, please visit https://secure.piryx.com/donat… and donate today. You CAN make a difference and help win that 32nd seat that Alicea and DeLeo would prefer stay where it is. Let’s get behind Peter and give him the help he needs to take office in January.

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