WHAT LONDON BOMBERS

                          By: Edward P. Shallow

I have long indicated that Janet Napolitano is very incapable of serving as Homeland Security Director.  Consider this report forwarded to me from (http://scaredmonkeys.com)

More Obama “Hope & Change”

Just yet another reason why the Obama administration needs to be voted out of office in 2012. Obama’s Director of National Intelligence (oxymoron) James Clapper had no idea that 12 terrorists had been arrested in the UK. Unbelievable.

In an ABC interview with National Director of Intelligence, Chief Counter Intelligence advisor John Brennan and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano… the gang that could not shoot straight, once again showed they could not. Brennan tries to peddle the notion that it was not luck that that the Christmas Day bomber and Time Square bomber were not able to accomplish their mission. Even Diane Sawyer had to question Brennan’s spin and question the fact that of course it was luck that prevented these terrorist from accomplishing their mission.

Then came the unthinkable. At the 3.40 mark of the Video, James Clapper was asked a question regarding the terrorism news out of the United Kingdom and the arrest of 12 terrorist that morning. Clapper had no idea what she was asking. You would have thought that Diane Sawyer asked him the mysteries of the universe. The ABC interview took place in the afternoon, the terrorism arrest occurred in the morning. Clapper responded with dead silence and a look of; oh please get me out of here. Unreal, the Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had no idea what had taken place in London.

These people are frightening. Obama’s terror folks have created an outreach program. How nice. They have people fighting against terrorism and taking on global warming, but the Intelligence director had no idea that there were 12 terrorist arrests. Could you imagine how the MSM would have covered this if GWB were still in office? Hell, the MSM holds Sarah Palin to a greater standard that they do the very people who are supposed to be protecting us.

In summation, I ask readers to consider, two people who are responsible for the security of the United States are both incompetent and a detriment to our survival as a nation.

Consider Napolitano’s recent comment that we have open boarders for Mexican citizens.

Clapper and Napolitano were stumped by Diane Sawyer and have proved beyond any doubt we have been lucky not to have been  blown to oblivion under their direction.

The American people must demand they both be replaced before the next attempt on the nation.

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