We owe it to them to have the strongest Conservitive State party

We owe it to them to have the strongest most ethical and morel Conservative party in the nation.

“We are the Last line of Defense from The Liberal Democrats turning our nation into a un moralistic Socialist Athiest Nation that stands for nothing?”

Our country started in Massachusetts and we should set the example for true strong morel and fiscal Conservatism.Alot of brave Americans have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep this grand thing called America going. We can not soil what they and others have fought so hard for. The dreams of a land that was a place of Democracy and morals and ethics a nation under GOD.  From Lexington to Concord – to Normandy and St LO. To the 38th parallel to Ka San Vietnam. to Kuwait to Baghdad we all fought for the same reason to keep our Country America Going just as it was handed down to us from generations before us. We as Ma Citizens deserves the Strongest Conservative leaders to head our party. We owe it to them the solders who gave the ultimate sacrifice , to there memory I swear to all that our Republican party is not made into a mockery. As it has been during this Leadership. Lets Take our Party Back ,Oh And all this Stuff about no one will be in our party that’s a bunch of BS if we are there to offer the Citizens of Ma a choice from Socialistic Liberalism to true Conservatism the people will chose the Conservatism. Its about winning But winning with Morals and ethics and One Nation Under GOD and live by GODS rules and morels he has placed on us to live by.

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