We owe it to them to have the strongest Conservitive State party

We owe it to them to have the strongest most ethical and morel Conservative party in the nation.

“We are the Last line of Defense from The Liberal Democrats turning our nation into a un moralistic Socialist Athiest Nation that stands for nothing?”

Our country started in Massachusetts and we should set the example for true strong morel and fiscal Conservatism.Alot of brave Americans have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep this grand thing called America going. We can not soil what they and others have fought so hard for. The dreams of a land that was a place of Democracy and morals and ethics a nation under GOD.  From Lexington to Concord – to Normandy and St LO. To the 38th parallel to Ka San Vietnam. to Kuwait to Baghdad we all fought for the same reason to keep our Country America Going just as it was handed down to us from generations before us. We as Ma Citizens deserves the Strongest Conservative leaders to head our party. We owe it to them the solders who gave the ultimate sacrifice , to there memory I swear to all that our Republican party is not made into a mockery. As it has been during this Leadership. Lets Take our Party Back ,Oh And all this Stuff about no one will be in our party that’s a bunch of BS if we are there to offer the Citizens of Ma a choice from Socialistic Liberalism to true Conservatism the people will chose the Conservatism. Its about winning But winning with Morals and ethics and One Nation Under GOD and live by GODS rules and morels he has placed on us to live by.

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    If I were in the Rev War I would have kicked so much ass!  

    The red coats would totally run for the hills!

  • morel/moral….further than tossing the word around.

    Your Party will not take hold in Massachusetts.   You shun those that will vote Republican with your asshattery.

    You shun my wife from voting Republican, you shun me from ever joining your Party.

  • must be abiding by your favorite quote:

    “The will of the people is the best law.”

    What if “the will of the People” is to have legal abortion, socialism, communism, fascism, slavery, genocide, etc……

    Hint:  if you understood the Constitution you apparently swore to defend….further than using it as a punchline….you’d know that the not only did the Founders want to save us from the “will of the People”, but that they knew the People were and still are a bunch of uneducated jackasses that should never have a “democracy”

    Just look how easily manipulated asshats like you are.    “True Republicans” can trot out the same wedge issues for your whole life……and you will keep on voting for them, despite them never addressing those wedge issues.  If they fix em, you’ll not have reason to vote for em.

    Manipulated fool.

    Define “moral”…if you can.

  • …the two “Patriotic” movies you reference above in your rambling prose to protect the US from us liberal socialists are fictional accounts based very loosely on facts.  Which pretty much sums up anything you write…complete fiction based very loosely on facts.

    But your ramblings are very clear…we owe it to the thousands of fallen US soldiers who gave their lives over the last two centuries defending our freedoms, to remove Jenn Nassour as Chair of the MA Republican Party.  

    And conservatives call us ‘moonbats’.

  • it’s spelled “Khe Sanh”. As a Marine I would’ve expected you to know how to spell a place where Marines were under siege. But then again “you are” is contracted as “you’re” so I guess we can’t expect all that much from “your” spelling.

    (Oh why do I bother.)

  • cfblake2

    How some of you have no E-mails to contact you, Allot of you hide under fake names, But your all water carriers For Nassour and The STATE BAY WINDOWS REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    I know who most of you are and all you do is try to assassinate my Character cause I do not follow the Nassour Party line. I may have miss spelled a battle in Vietnam , I do remember how to render a enemy useless with my bare hands. Bottom line is Nassour and Kaufman must step down and we need new leadership for our party.

  • right here in the open, REMF.

    Go ahead….define “morel/moral”……or hide in your pink house on High St…..blaming everyone else for your problems.  Can’t even crack a smile for a campaign photo?  Dumbass…….should’ve put makeup on the pink cheeks…..who’s gonna vote for a non-smiling heavy drinker?

  • Write your post in word, do a spell check, cut and paste, and hit send.

    Just trying to help Cliff.  

  • Cliff, you’ve gone after me – personally – on how many occasions?  At one point you even had me on Facebook.  Suffice to say, my email address & name are not only on RMG but are quite public knowledge.  

    You’ve made it your mission to attack people personally & try to assassinate their character.  

    Now, I don’t condone anyone’s attacks upon you but, isn’t this so much the pot calling the kettle black?

    Here’s something we should recall & I wonder why it isn’t more strongly enforced:


    Be excellent to each other… or else.

    I’m no fan of censorship but ensuring common decency & public decorum might be nice.  Perhaps, Cliff, if you stepped down from your prepetual state of war then others would as well.  

    As for me?  I’ve tried to ignore you.  I’ve even tried to turn the other cheek (okay, so the Nixon quote wasn’t the best) but I’ve tried not to personally attack you.  I may have failed at least once but the point is…nobody should be out to “get” anyone on here.  

    We may not agree 100% but we ARE Republicans and there should be a minimum degree of respect even if we’re united by Reagan’s 80%.

  • occur to you that the strongest “conservitive”(sp) state Party might not be the MaGOP??

    Didn’t think so…

  • Fix the damn typo in the headline!  I’m not one to hit someone for a spelling mistake and we can edit our comments.  But YOU Cliff can edit you post and fix the typo…if you don’t, it makes me wonder is you can in fact spell “Conservative”?