Watertown RTC starts a grassroots movement to replace Nassour


Last night (Dec 7th) the Watertown Republican Town Committee passed a vote of No Confidence in the current state party Chair.

Let’s be clear from the outset. This is not about any particular social issue, or about whether or not we should continue a “big tent” policy. We’d just like to make sure the “big tent” has room for the conservative base of the party. Since being appointed Nassour has been on the warpath, alienating the base at every opportunity. As a result she’s greatly responsible for the abysmal results in the 2010 mid-term elections.

She is also jeopardizing the re-election of Senator Scott Brown. It’s not secret; Scott takes some positions that the base is not thrilled with. But he’s been respectful and reasoned. The base supported him and worked for him. But with Nassour’s unabashed belligerence towards social conservatives there is bound to be a backlash and I fear Scott Brown will be on the receiving end. His recent change in position on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a hard pill to swallow for many conservatives to begin with. But when the besieged base considers it in the context of the war being waged against it by the party chair, Brown’s position is only magnified.

It’s time for the State Committee to get proactive when it comes to finding a party chair. Come January the bi-laws should be amended; allowing the committee to elect an interim chair. Subsequently, with the help of the RNC, we need a nationwide search to find someone that can turn Massachusetts in the purple state it has the potential to become.

We need a Chair that knows how to expand the party without watering down the message. Sure, there is room for moderates in the party. But there is no room for radicals like Tisei who subject women and little girls to sharing rest rooms with any Tom, Dick, or Harry, who wants to put on a set a pumps and skirt.

We can support the rights of all citizens as individuals, without resorting the identity politics the Democrats are famous for.

I don’t know about anyone else. But when I go to a State Committee meeting and the state chair is bragging  about the 17-seat pickup in the legislature, when most of those guys ran as social conservatives in stark contrast to the top of ticket, then I know the Chair is delusional. The legitimate claim she can make is that we got Barney Frank to spend some money in his own district. And Lord did we hear that mantra ad-nauseam. While the rest of the country was surfing a Republican Wave, Massachusetts Republicans led into the desert by Jennifer Nassour.

Below is the text of the resolution passed by the Republican RTC. I


December 7, 2010

It is the opinion of the duly elected members of the Watertown Republican Town Committee, that:


· During Ms. Jennifer Nassour’s 2-year tenure as State Chair, enrollment in the MA GOP has declined to an all-time low of 11.34 %. Yet during these same 2 years, renewed interest in conservative, constitutional principles has re-invigorated the Republican Party nationwide.

· As newly elected Chair, Ms. Nassour, arbitrarily and without a vote or consensus of the State Committee, announced in an interview granted to a radical left-wing publication that our Party would pursue new a policy, which abandoned important core GOP principles. Subsequently, under Ms. Nassour’s leadership and with her approval, the GOP State platform was altered, striking references to deep-seated Republican values, which are non-negotiable planks of our national platform.

· Despite Ms. Nassour’s bizarre pronouncement and abysmal performance, Scott Brown managed an amazing upset victory in January 2010, with the assistance of the Tea Party and the conservative Republican base. Rather than building on the incredible momentum and enthusiasm of this coalition, Ms. Nassour adopted an irrational strategy of appealing to the ultra-radical elements of the Democrat party, alienating the Republican Party’s conservative base.

· Ms. Nassour continued the failed strategy of past election cycles, diverting the vast majority of resources to a marginally Republican Gubernatorial candidate. She virtually ignored congressional, statewide, and local races. The end result: While Republicans were swept into office nationwide in 2010, Massachusetts Republicans sustained unacceptably poor election results, including but not limited to, defeats in every statewide constitutional office race, as well as every congressional race.

· Ms. Nassour neglected to give a reasonable explanation for her failed strategy or adequately address any of the above issues, at the November 17th 2010 State Committee meeting. There also, Ms. Nassour failed to make available detailed accounting of expenses and contributions made to individual candidates by the MA GOP.  However, Ms. Nassour incredibly took unmerited credit for GOP gains in the State Legislature. Truth be told; these victories by conservative candidates came about with little if any assistance from the State GOP. Moreover, most if not all of these candidates ran as true conservatives. This was in stark contrast to the Gubernatorial candidate who adopted Ms. Nassour’s strategy of appealing to the ultra-liberal element of the opposition.

· As presiding officer of the same meeting, Ms. Nassour was caustic, condescending, and combative towards any Republican in the audience, whether member or non-member, who attempted to voice his or her displeasure with the election results. In addition, in order to stifle dissent and to prevent any discussion that might expose committee members honest concerns, Ms. Nassour employed arcane, undemocratic, and slick parliamentary maneuvers.

· Finally, in a move that is symbolic of everything that is wrong with the MA GOP, Our State Committee squandered monies for an exaggerated festivity at a lavish hotel to hold a meeting that could well have been held in a less ostentatious setting; all the while two Republican candidates were in dire need of funds to help with recounts.

Since it is the opinion of the Watertown RTC that the poor election results were due in great part to the feckless leadership and failed strategy of the State GOP spearheaded by Ms. Jennifer Nassour, it is the consensus of the duly elected members of Watertown Republican Town Committee that Ms. Jennifer Nassour is not competent to fulfill the duties of the office she now holds, and that her unabashed public belligerence towards the party’s conservative base makes her continued service as Chair untenable;  

Therefore, be it resolved:

1. That on this the seventh day of December in the year of our Lord 2010, the Watertown Republican Town Committee does hereby express a vote of “No Confidence” in the Chair, Ms. Jennifer Nassour, and calls upon her to immediately resign her position.

2. That the Watertown Republican Town Committee hereby asks the State Committee Persons who represent the Second Suffolk & Middlesex State Senate District, Ms. Elizabeth Mahoney and Mr. Robert Semonian, to pledge their vote for a party chair who supports the entire national GOP platform and who can heal the wounds incurred over the past several years, and consequently bring a now ‘fractured’ Republican Party together for a common purpose.

3. That should either or both of our State Committee Representatives fail to make this pledge and follow through on it, it will be the stated policy of this committee to actively seek and support candidates to run against them in the 2012 primary.

4. That until new leadership is in place, this Committee will make no contribution, financial or otherwise, to the Mass GOP, and will discourage any and all individuals, whether member or non-member, Republican or Independent, from any direct contribution to the Mass GOP.

5. That this resolution be immediately released to the various media outlets upon passage and that a copy be sent to the following:

   Ms. Jennifer Nassour, MA GOP State Chairperson

   Mr. Ron Kaufman, MA GOP RNC Member

   Mr. Michael Steele, RNC Chairman

   Ms. Jodie Dow, MA GOP RNC Member

Signed this Seventh Day of December 2010


Steven W. Aylward


Watertown Republican Town Committee

Watertown, MA 02472

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