Warning: Be Nice or Else

I have received many emails, facebook messages, and text messages asking me to deal with a problem on this blog.  They’ve been going on for a while but I now feel the need to address it.  

I have taken pride in allowing Red Mass Group to be an open forum.  This means that points of view that are opposite to mine should and have been readily accepted.  This goes back to when Patrick started this blog in early 2007.  There have been relatively few people banned from this blog.  

I deal with trolls differently than others, I just ignore them and don’t engage them.  Others do engage and if thats what you do its fine.  This may be why I’ve not considered the particular person such a nuisance because I ignore him.  

Starting today anything that goes over the line will result in immediate banning from the board.  This includes using coarse language against others, posting more than twice in a day if you are not an editor, or being a general nuisance.

In 2011 we will police this blog and ban members that fit the above descriptions.  This is not a violation of free speech or stifling of speech. If you want to continue to be heard, create your own blog.

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