Warning: Be Nice or Else

I have received many emails, facebook messages, and text messages asking me to deal with a problem on this blog.  They’ve been going on for a while but I now feel the need to address it.  

I have taken pride in allowing Red Mass Group to be an open forum.  This means that points of view that are opposite to mine should and have been readily accepted.  This goes back to when Patrick started this blog in early 2007.  There have been relatively few people banned from this blog.  

I deal with trolls differently than others, I just ignore them and don’t engage them.  Others do engage and if thats what you do its fine.  This may be why I’ve not considered the particular person such a nuisance because I ignore him.  

Starting today anything that goes over the line will result in immediate banning from the board.  This includes using coarse language against others, posting more than twice in a day if you are not an editor, or being a general nuisance.

In 2011 we will police this blog and ban members that fit the above descriptions.  This is not a violation of free speech or stifling of speech. If you want to continue to be heard, create your own blog.

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  • “coarse” and “over the line”…

    …or I can just ban myself now…

  •    I apologize for my nastiness in the past.

      I also apologize for my cussing out that dipwad in the abortion thread. It is personal to me. If you want to delete the thread, that is fine with me.

      If anyone wants to run on pro-life or gay issues, go ahead. You’re going to lose. Big time.

      There are many more important issues we should be focusing on.

    Alan Linkevich

    Millbury RTC

    Social Media Coordinator

    Did my title impress anyone? I hope not.

  • when you don’t share their “reality”.

    So as we all embark upon another year in the great plunge into banana republic third worldness participation on political blogs is irrelevant.


  • BrocktonDave

    …posting more than twice a day?

    Like…  Does this count as one for me?

    Just checkin.

  • …as I have stated several times here, I think you are among the more nasty characters on this blog–albeit in a more partisan and sophisticated manner than many at RMG.  

    You have a long history of presenting half-truths to spin wholly inaccurate and unfair portraits of your political enemies.  Yes, your targets are liberal Democrats and your unfair and nasty comments are generally welcomed by the vast majority of readers here, so it often goes without comment–except from me and a couple of my fellow travelers.  But your general approach is mimic by others who use your tactics in intra-partisan warfare, as opposed to your partisan jihads.

    My sense is your new policy is not aimed at someone like me, but those who incite intra-partisan battles.  But as a liberal who posts here frequently, many consider me a “general nuisance” and one might argue that is  what I do around here–much like you when you were a frequent poster at BMG (and to my knowledge, you were never banned from there).  In fact Rob, the general nuisance you and other conservatives created at BMG inspired me to come over here…so it would be ironic that I were banned from RMG because I acted pretty much like you did/do at BMG.

    With regards to  “coarse language against others” I would have to plead guilty to that but my defense is I use  “coarse language against others” when they first use  “coarse language against others”.  But here it is in the eye of the beholder.  When v3pn (Vote 3rd Party Now) screams about all the lazy illegal welfare queens, I point out that he once lived on the dole and I want him to pay me and other hard working tax payers back.  Most readers here would defend (or agree) with v3pn and say my comments were coarse…I say fight fire with fire.  Or is it OK to make reference to John Walsh’s body type but not make the same comparison about you?  (OK, John is on a whole other level…but you see my point).  

    Will coarse language include suggesting the President of the United States is a foriegn-born Muslim terrorist, socialist or will the equally strong language I will use to condemn that kind of code-ladden hate speech be considered coarse and get me banned?

    Like I said in the beginning of my comment…you Rob use very coarse language to condemn your partisan enemies and if you had a fraction of intellectual honesty, you would look in the mirror and admit that YOU are the problem and make a New Years Resolution to be kinder and gentler in referring to people that you disagree with.

    But that ain’t gonna happen…

  • i would like to be kind to republicans and those who are like minded.if i treat democrats like shit will i be banned from blogging?what if i treat democrats like piss will that get me a free pass?i know i will treat democrats like roque fort cheese!

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    So I could hug all of you guys at once : )

    Happy New Year!

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Don’t worry I wont do it again.  It started out as a cool gag, but after about 5 posts I got tired .. I wanted to give up.  

    Glad I finished the job though … I didn’t want to leave anyone out.

    Anyway Looking forward to 2011. Stay safe everyone.  

  • …and either “change the channel” or ignore things?  

    When “PC crowd”, usually liberals, complain about things they feel are objectionable on TV or in video games or whatever…the conservative retort is to “change the channel” or don’t buy the objectionable material…

    Why should this advice be followed here?  (And I do understand the Rob has every right to do what he wants…it’s his blog…I’m asking this question to those who contacted Rob about all this)  Why is it OK to condemn the politically correct liberal crowd, yet it’s OK to advocate controls over things you object to–instead of just ignoring people.  (And I’ve found this strategy effective here and at BMG.  There have been plenty of fringe people posting crazy stuff and they get no comments and after a while they stop wasting their time.  So why do simply do the same with Cliffy and others–if you engage them you feed they fire.  Ignore them and they go away–yes, that would eventually work with me also.)

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    And be assured, my good lad, that from this point on I shall indeed elevate the conversation with the most particular delicacy and will present cogent points of interest for all to consider and reconsider.  

    If, in days of old, my language, and sometimes quarelsome nature, did offend then I am indeed regretful of the ill-chosen manner.  I pray from this day forth that any dialogue of which I am a part will be constructive and most ambitious in its effort to educate and inform the politically interested public.  

    To my dear friend Simple Malarkey et al, and others I look forward to friendly banter and cheerful tete-a-tete as we spin tales and wind endlessly about our perceptions of government.

    Based on the new rules of engagement here at the RMG venue, I feel certain that 2011 shall be a jolly-good time for excercising our intellects in good manner and fashion appropriate for all ages.  I bid you all good day and a most happy new year.

  • geo999

    I don’t know which post(s) prompted this, but I am glad to see you making this move.

    Discussions here can get rather heated, and sometimes it’s hard not to call a spade a spade – but petty, vulgar back and forth exchanges in the margins prove nothing, and are an embarrassment to the site.

    Generally, I avoid engaging idiots and trolls, and I’ll withdraw from a thread rather than deal with someone who makes banal arguments and can’t or won’t debate/discuss civilly on the merits.

    My time is precious, and I’ve nothing to gain or offer by participating in schoolyard p***ing contests.

    Here’s hoping that your message is well received.

    For my part, I’ll try to keep my own comments free of vulgarity and ad hominem.

    Happy New Year.

  • Nice work Rob, ad hominem attacks have no place in constructive political discourse.

    We need to raise the bar, collectively, as a party if we are to make the gains we hope to achieve.

    Happy New Year to all…


  • … is making me dizzy.

  • were to get really sauced (and I mean, one of those every 3-4 year jobs) and beging posting several blogs on specific points of why Paul Ferro should run for officer following by a blog post which included nothing else other than (pounds fist on table)…. Would that get me banned?

  • Knightbrigade

    Don’t get to visit much since moving up to that new bright RED state of NH…haha

    But tea and crumpets with the trolls or fellow commenters while being nice can not be realistic 100%.

    Passion, principles, personalities etc. in the REAL/CYBER world make for some spontaneous combustion.

    Sometimes this can get vulgar, sometimes not.

    Rob, you run a great blog, don’t get caught up with making it perfect. Just skim away some over the top crap as YOU see fit, and let the blog/people sort out the rest.

    So my 2 cents is…shove the grey poupon, and WTF kind of year is 2011 gonna bring!??

    Best wishes to all, even the trolls…