top one or two on your list for the MAGOP 2011

The rules—- no bitching, bickering or name calling,….

What are your top two wants for the new year for the MAGOP….

no over throwing ideas either.

1.  More contact between the local RCC’s and RTC’s so that we can network to help local candidates.

2.  More involvement from the State GOP to help the local RTC’s and RCC’s, GOP Sues and Howard’s training was very helpful.

your turn …. be nice and put an idea down not a slam against anyone else……

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  • Millie I like that idea and I think it is something that can and should be facilitated by the SC members.  I see it as a win – win:

    1) SC members are responsible, in my opinion, for helping organize and enhance the RTC/RCCs in their district.  This would go a ways towards helping out in that area.  Having one or two meetings in a year would help build connections for future activities, especially with 2011 municipal elections coming up.

    2) SC members are up for re-election in a year.  Coordinating this activity would seem to be in their own s=best interest if they wish to be re-elected.  It is also a good opportunity for an RTC/RCC member looking to run for SC in 2012 to take a leadership role in organizing such an event.

    I know some do this sort of activity, but not all and I am not even sure if it is a majority, although I would tend to think it is not.  This is their chance to fix this and get working on 2011 and 2012.

  • I am a committee member and admittedly have been active for 2 years, was never interested in being involved, but now that I am older with more to risk I cannot sit idly by.

    I just signed up for Conference 2011.  I am looking forward to learing new things.  I hope this is the start of many more events to come.

    $40.00 or $50.00 is not alot of money to invest in your committee.

  • 1. Form a coalition of South Central MA RTCs. I have the names, I just need to do it.

    2. Help Oxford form an RTC. I have a couple of friends in mind.  

  • The rules—- no bitching, bickering or name calling,…

    Thank you Millie for providing a platform for positive party building ideas.

  • cfblake2

    Bill McCarthy

    Christy Mihos

    Jim Gettens

  • MerrimackMan

    1) Boost the Voter Registration of Republicans by 100,000 statewide (I can wish right?)

    2) Win Any Special Elections that may occur in the calendar year (David Linsky’s Seat?)