Time for the MA GOP to elect a Republican Chairperson for a change:

Time for the MA GOP to elect a Republican Chairperson for a change:


I picked up the Herald today (Dec 28th) and read the headline: “State GOP chief pleads to keep job.” That got my attention, so I read on and stumbled across the following gem by Ms. Jennifer Nassour, Madam Chair herself:

“I think it’s unfair for them to blame anyone but the candidate and their campaign staff (for the losses),” Nassour said. “The party chair has nothing to do with the candidate’s loss.”

Fair enough Jennifer, but if that’s the case you have no business taking credit for the gains in the State Legislature. Yet, that’s exactly what she did right after the election. She then went on to host a farce of a meeting on Nov. 17th where her propaganda ministers spewed out Enron like mathematics to explain how monies were spent to help those candidates.

What Madam Chair doesn’t want to recognize is that almost all the Massachusetts Republicans that won in 2010 did not employ her bizarre strategy of alienating the party base , while appealing to the most radical element in the Democrat party. In other words these candidates were actually Republicans, unlike Nassour, Baker, Tisei, and too many members of the State Committee.

Somewhere along the line these people bought into the lie that Abortion or Marriage were social issues that Republicans shouldn’t get involved in.

Here are the facts:

Abortion is not just a social issue. It is primarily a Civil Rights issue; namely the civil rights of the unborn not to be butchered for profit by outfits such as Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is also a woman’s health issue. I will refer you to ministries such as “A Woman’s Concern” or “Project Rachel” for the actual statistics. But not only does abortion snuff out a human life, it takes a serious psychological toll on the woman, which often doesn’t show up for decades.

Finally, abortion is simply a law and order issue. It is the taking of  an innocent human life. We know that the individual in the womb has a completely unique DNA. Given a natural course, it would become a completely viable and independent human being. Just as it is a crime to kill people who can’t support themselves, feed themselves, or even speak for themselves, then so too abortion is a crime. Indeed it is an ongoing genocide carried out for profit, under the banner of choice.

The issue of Marriage (in this state at least) is also not strictly a social issue. First and foremost, it’s about restoring the separation of powers to our State Government.

Our State Constitution reads as follows:

Article V of Judiciary Powers Section:

“All causes of marriage, divorce, and alimony, and all appeals from the judges of probate shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision.”

Four Oligarchs on the State Supreme Judicial Court, quoting no precedent in law, overstepped their authority and rendered a decision based entirely on personal reasoning. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst of it is that matter didn’t belong in front of them in the first place. This matter is not a matter for the courts. The legislature never empowered the courts to define marriage. Hence according to the State Constitution the Governor and the Governor’s council have the prerogative. The legislature has the prerogative.  The people via ballot question have the prerogative.  And most importantly; our framers, when writing our glorious State Constitution, had the wisdom to inscribe this authority, given to elected officials, in the Judiciary Power’s section of the Constitution– as if it were a prescient decision to strictly forbid unelected Oligarchs from ruling on such matters of social policy.

In other words the framers of our State Constitution (and Federal for that matter) intended for elected officials to do decide social policy.

Therefore, when Ms. Nassour told Bay Windows that the State GOP would not pursue any new initiatives regarding abortion or marriage, she was stating the State GOP no longer cared about the civil rights of the unborn or the rule of law.  She was stating that the State GOP would sit idly by while four unelected oligarchs on the SJC usurped authority that belonged in the hands of elected officials. In other words Ms. Nassour was saying that the Massachusetts Republican Party would no longer stand for a Republic!

When the aforementioned Bay Windows article was published, the State Committee should have met in emergency session. Ms. Nassour should have been given the opportunity to publicly recant or be removed. Let us hope that the State Committee replaces her come Jan 6th.

John DiMascio

Communications Director

Watertown Republican Town Committee


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