Things I believe – 2011 edition

Amongst the things I truly believe are the following:

1)The best campaigner will be sworn in to the Governor’s office in January. The best person suited to govern the Commonwealth is looking for work. Happy New Year to Charlie Baker. He took a lot of crap on this blog. All he did was quit a $1.7 million job so that he could work 80 hrs per week trying to win a job whereby he would have brought some fiscal sense to a place that is adrift in indecision and gladly embraces “James Michael Curleyesque” style governance.

2)After restarting the Swampscott Republican Town Committee 18 months ago, I resigned before the Nov election. I found out that I may be an Independent voter. I guess Cliff would call me a Rino because I voted enthusiastically for my Democratic State Rep. I also worked my ass off for Chris Dent, a Republican running against Senator Thomas McGee.  

3)Until the hard right folks in the party lighten up a bit on the social issues, the party will continue struggling to win statewide. Scott Brown woke up a sleeping giant.

4)The budget issue I care about the most is education funding. It will be cut again and you will see more and more focus on “achievement gap” communities such as Lawrence and Holyoke. In spite of cries about tight budgets, the feds and the Commonwealth will continue to throw money at these communities. If the recent advance by the MTA relative to bringing merit into the dialog is, in fact, an honest advance, then we have a shot. My guess is that the MTA understands the politics of education funding and decided to treat the oncoming want for school related change as a chess match. Too bad the Legislature is unwilling to play anything more than checkers.

5)There is very little that Chris Chrisie says that does not interest me. He’s telling the truth with complete disregard for political consequence. There is no one in MA that is remotely close to Christie. Not even in the ballpark.

6)Would Frank Cousins please run for Congress against John Tierney. Please!

7)Brad Jones and Bruce Tarr are great guys and have their work cut out for them. Jones could be successful if he can find a few fiscally prudent Dems. I can dream!

8)When do the trials begin? Wilkerson, DiMasi, etc. And then there is the probation saga.

9)Read the Last Hurrah before the next election. Makes you appreciate how things got so screwed up around here.

Happy New Year Clifford T. Blake. You are destroying this blog, but the 1st amendment rules!  

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  • Your posts are thought provoking and considerate of other’s opinions.

    Here are my thoughts following along our order:

    1) Deval out campaigned Charlie and has another 4 year term for it.  My hope is that Charlie learned from this campaign and will use it to have a successful future campaign for office.  He is a good man who can add value to government again.

    2) Thank you for restarting the Swampscott RTC.  I appreciate you voting for the person whom you feel is best for the position.  I take it from your post that you did not campaign for or endorse him.  That is the difference to me.  Vote for whomever you think is best, its a personal decision.  Endorsing or campaigning is another matter.  I would have no issue with you as Swampscott RTC chair provided the endorsement/campaigning thing I wrote is accurate.

    3)Cliff and others would consider me a RINO, so be it.  The Party is heading for third party status if the goal is to force out anyone who does not believe what they believe.  We have serious fiscal issues facing the Commonwealth and we need all the fiscal conservatives we can find.  I am a fiscal conservative and social libertarian (makes me a RINO or worse for some).

    4) I am far more concerned about pension and health care benefit funding because it impacts all aspects of state and municipal finances.  If we don’t having discussions about these issues we are heading for dire times.  We need to focus on bringing these issues up for discussion across the state with experts available to help local candidates and RTC/RCCs address these issues.  Education funding is second, but if we don’t get retirement benefits right then everything else will be moot.

    5) Christie is good for NJ.  MA needs people who will stand for similar issues (see #4). It may not be a single person, but we need fiscal conservatives to bring home the issues and concerns.

    6) Cousins is a great sheriff and may make a good candidate.  However, would Charlie be a good candidate against Tierney?

    7) Jones and the Republican caucus could be king makers (or speaker makers) in the House.  This could lead to a more fiscally conservative leadership should a fiscal moderate or conservative Dem seek to run against DeLeo.

    8) Trials will be interesting. Probation, Courts and Legislature will all be looking over their shoulders.  I hope the AG starts doing the work an investigator should rather than having to rely on the Globe (oh how that hurts).

    9) Read Jimmy Stewart is Dead, good view on how to fix the banking system.

    Finally, I hope the new year brings thoughtful discussion on RMG to replace the negativity that has arisen in the last couple of months. We need to work on solutions not on how to best insult each other.  Its not helpful and we all need to be better to each other.

  • David,

    I would like to believe that WE can make a difference.  And I hope that you don’t give up on the party, if we dont’ stand up and be heard then the crazies will be the only one heard and that is not good.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.


  • The best person suited to govern the Commonwealth is looking for work.

    I hope that he only accepts a job temporarily – just until he runs again for Gov in about 2.5 years!

    Yup, Deval campaigned very strategically and had some help from folks like Cahill. But he has already said that he will not run again. Would the moonbats really go all out for Tim Murray the way they did for Deval? I doubt it.

    With a few tweaks, CB could win, and he’d make a phenomenal governor. A million people voted for him, and there are a lot of media folks who like and respect him. All we really need to do is get the ground game organized, and we have some time to plan and execute that.