The Passion of the Obesity Deniers…

Yep. Right up there with global warming deniers in the cross hairs of Big Government liberals.

Hiatt is buying into Michelle Obama’s rhetoric when he says “obesity is a genuine health emergency.” But this simply isn’t so. According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity rates for children haven’t budged in over ten years. The numbers have remained static for women too. And for men, the number has remained level for five years.

Hiatt shouldn’t stoop so low as to question these so-called deniers’ motivations. We’re not some sort of anti-kid cabal set on ridding the world of these loud, sticky creatures. Instead, those who have been critical of the first lady’s mission simply question the efficacy of school lunches and are concerned about the decreasing role of parents in a child’s life. These “deniers” also see this effort to provide children more nutritious school meals as only treating the symptoms of childhood obesity, not the disease. In other words, Americans have to tackle the much bigger issue of just why so many children rely on these school lunches and why parents are so willing to cede this responsibility to the government.

This year, Ohio State University released a major study on childhood obesity. The study revealed that only three activities help reduce childhood obesity: eating dinner at home with your family, watching less television, and getting enough sleep at night. These are all basic parental responsibilities. Given this research, Hiatt might stop scratching his head about obesity deniers and start asking just why parents are letting their kids eat unhealthy school lunches.  He might examine why parents are allowing their children to stay up too late and why parents can’t seem to control their children’s consumption of television and video games.

Strong parenting is a guaranteed way to reduce childhood obesity. It costs the American taxpayer nothing. Perhaps we should give that method a try before we turn to a government solution.

When parents abdicate the fundamental responsibility of feeding their children we have indeed reached the point of no return. By giving that responsibility to the government parents have ingrained in their children the idea that the government will take care of all of their needs. And we are truly f***ed in our desire to get back to the limited government model when that happens.

This author is right when she says that the fundamental cause of childhood obesity is poor parenting.

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