Teddy Kennedy Shrine May Get More Money

I wish it weren’t so, but the Ted Kennedy Shrine may get another $8 million if this Omnibus pork-filled Spending bill is passed by Congress.  I am not joking!


Pentagon Money To Go For….Ted Kennedy Shrine?

Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director Andrea Lafferty issued the following statement regarding the Omnibus Spending Bill’s $8 million earmark for a shrine to the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

‘Just when Americans started to hope that the liberal leadership in the Senate had learned its lesson last November, they do something which is so blatantly hypocritical and offensive.’


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  • Cliff

    You link to two articles earlier in the week when the spending bill to which you refer was put out of its misery on Friday.  Instead of passing the monstrous omnibus appropriations bill with its 6,000+ earmarks Congress will look to pass a measure to fund government at current levels through February meaning the next Congress will have to deal with the budget when it is seated in January.

    Here’s a New York Times article for you from Friday covering the defeat of the measure including the Kennedy earmark.


  • thanks for the update.glad that the “shrine” will now need state tax dollars to become a reality.