Slavery in 2010

National Geographic article about slavery today uses the figure 27 million, that is 27,000,000!

There is, in fact, a current worldwide abolitionist movement

More about slavery today

And it really is all economic because human life has become so cheap, given the disparity in income and power.

There are some folks who rather than being “Democrats” or “Republicans” are in fact today’s abolitionists – and their top award is The Frederick Douglas Award given to a former slave, who has survived slavery and fights to free other slaves.  In fact, nominations are being taken for 2011 because as much as you and I might have believed, or wanted to believe that was part of Civil War history, in fact the fight against slavery is live right now, and real, and going on today with some folks giving up their lives to free others.

What was done in eliminating the living wage at the Hyatt, and instead, denigrating those jobs into non-living wage peonage jobs while not as extreme, shows the same worldview on the part of an international elite.

There is an elite that believes if you are not an owner, you are owned or deserve to be owned.  And all too many powerless people, often women and children, are owned like chattels in 2010.

So my thanks to Siddarth Kara for speaking truth to the insidious power of slavery, and coming up with a battle plan against it based on economic pragmatism.

Without economic freedom, there can be – and will not be – political freedom.

FDR knew this and in his Four Freedoms Address to Congress stated that without freedom from want, there cannot be political freedom.

So, yes, perhaps Massachusetts will again be home to abolitionism – courage to all in these  hard times because what certain members of the elite seek appears to me to be a form of slavery for everyone else; for some 27,000,000 or so fellow humans that is already reality.

What I am NOT talking about is ordinary wealth – a few millions are fine with me, but the level of economic control where individuals control more than nations; already, I fear, a reality for many of our fellow human beings.

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