By: Edward P. Shallow

Michael Savage was so right when he warned the people of Massachusetts, even as we rejoiced in Scott Brown’s election to the U.S. Senate; Savage indicated it would not take long for his true colors to manifest itself. Personally, I thought just this one time Savage might be wrong. Not so, while running his campaign, he feared the power of the pro-family movement and claimed he would never support the Homosexual Agenda.

December 16, 10:25 AM ABC announced: Scott Brown today voiced support for a stand-alone repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. His vote assures the repeal of the policy.

I for one will never forgive Brown for his deception: Scott needs to know we the electorate do not appreciate his joining with the Homosexual Lobby.

A multitude of comments to the Savage Nation:  I list a few for reference:

Pathetic pandering to the gay lobby. Unfortunately, our politicians do not care what our military leaders say. Gates and Mullen’s are politicians and their views do not represent the military chiefs on military regular members. Military reenlistment will suffer because of repeal.

I have served three tours and was planning to re-up, but certainly will not if this is passed. Scott Brown …2nd only to Obama as to someone who ran on one set of principles and leads by another.

The Tea Party made a huge mistake backing Brown. He is a big disappointment.

By his vote to repeal, confirms my theory that America is in a moral and societal collapse and as I indicated in a recent editorial now that Homosexuals will be serving openly in the military, I assure the powers to be AIDS will spread as rapidly in the service as it has in private life. Of great concern will be the spreading of the epidemic in the service through blood transfusions.

Transfusions are a reality guaranteed to manifest itself in short order; initially there will be an attempt by the government and the media to shroud the distressing actuality, but the truth will be revealed by the troops themselves.

The late author and talk show host David Brudnoy best exemplified a perfect example of homosexuals not taking precautions to maintain control over their addiction. Brudnoy was a man I had great respect for because he was a homosexual committed to conservative principles. Being in the forefront of the Anti Busing movement, I was a frequent caller to his show; like me he was a staunch anti-buser, we both were contributors to the South Boston Marshal. One evening when I was on his show, he complimented me on my knowledge of the Constitution, I still treasure that


Unfortunately, David succumbed to AIDS.

We should hold those Senators who voted for repeal accountable for not giving any thought to the moral convictions of our men and women in military service.

Consider there is not one religion in the world that condones the abnormality of homosexuality, the reason is obvious, scripture indicated homosexuality is an abomination and is to be frowned on by the faithful. For that reason, I predict there will be a mass exodus by our troops when enlistments are up.

It should be pointed out that J. Edgar Hoover of FBI fame was committed to never hiring homosexuals because he considered them vunerable to intimidation, therefore security risks.

I sincerely hope that all the Senators who voted to undermined our national security and the overall health of our service people by voting for repeal will pay the price when election time rolls around.

I call on all veterans of our armed forces in conjunction with the many organizations that advance Family Values to show their utter disdain for those that voted to besmirch the virtue of our military by organizing against them at election time.

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  • i guess you will be supporting senator browns opposition in the primary?what if senator brown has no opposition in the primary?will you be supporting the democrat in the general election?the army is the only branch that is homo proof.

  • MerrimackMan

    That explains a lot about you. Edfactor, you know I think you may be right about Right Wing Media corrupting people.

    “The Tea Party made a huge mistake backing Brown.”

    And Martha Coakley would have served your interests where?

    “I for one will never forgive Brown for his deception”

    Where did Scott Brown say he was going to vote against repeal?

    “Military reenlistment will suffer because of repeal.”

    Any proof beyond a poll? Do people really take a question from a survey as serious as a major life choice?

    I assure the powers to be AIDS will spread as rapidly in the service as it has in private life.

    1) HIV/AIDS hasn’t really spread across this country as well as you think. Sure, it decimated the gay, hemophiliac and opiate dependent populations of the US, but it really hasn’t fit main street at all. 0.37% of population has contracted HIV. That’s right, less than 4/10ths of 1% has contracted HIV. If you don’t do certain behaviors, you reduce your odds VERY significantly of contracting the disease. One of the reasons is you need a serious amount of exposure to body fluid of an infected person to transmit the virus effectively. The virus is actually very weak outside the body, and relatively large quantities are need for transmission.

    2) Why would HIV/AIDS spread through the services as you suggest? I suspect that a lesser % of the Armed Services will be homosexual than the national population, so what makes you think it will spread to the HUGE majority of heterosexual individuals that serve in the military when it hasn’t done so in society?

    “It should be pointed out that J. Edgar Hoover of FBI fame was committed to never hiring homosexuals because he considered them vunerable to intimidation, therefore security risks.”

    Funny you used this as evidence against homosexual inclusion in the military, considering many believe J. Edgar Hoover was gay himself.

  • You do not make any coherent argument in your post as MarrimackMan points out and have spelling and grammer mistakes riddled all over it, which really decreases your credibility.

  • Ed Shallow, is a fitting name. Let’s call Brown back right now and have a special election! The nerve of the man to vote for something he never came out 100% against.

    Throw the traitor out!

    Do you think Markey, Vickie Kennedy, Frank, Neale, Lynch, Keating, Coakley, or Tim Murray would uphold your principles? They would hold the fort against the progressive agenda, right?

    Ed, do you leave your house wearing tin foil over your head to protect you from government control and a mask to prevent you from catching “the virus?”

    Let’s run someone against him in 2012 that will uphold all of the social as well as fiscal conservative views. How about Christine O’Donnell moves here and runs against him? She’ll vote in accordance with your wishes, right? She, or anyone like her, would get destroyed in a general election.

    Be serious.