Patrick’s Jobs Commission has not met in two years

Per the Herald

A jobs commission ordered almost two years ago by Gov. Deval Patrick and the Legislature to find ways to create and maintain jobs in Massachusetts has never met, causing some to view the panel as a missed opportunity during a period of high unemployment.

In interviews, stakeholders said it had taken them two years to name commission members and said they hoped to meet for the first time in January, more than 18 months after their initial reporting date. But loose ends remain. For instance, those involved in the panel could not provide a full list of its members.

Under a resolve approved Dec. 31, 2008, state officials coping with the effects of the recession were charged with creating a special commission “for the purpose of making an investigation and study relative to the economy in order to create and maintain quality jobs in the commonwealth.”

I have no idea what this “commission” was suppossed to do but having a meeting and identifying a plan might have been a good start.

Maybe when real unemployment hits 15% they will meet.…

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