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  • Clinton’s finest!

  • ALL Republicans? Or just those that pass the purity test? Cause that will shrink the pool of eligible contenders, much the way it will continue to shrink the party registration. At this rate you can forget the big tent and use a pup tent.

  • I know, I know. He didn’t win. However, even if it was one of if not the most Republican friendly district in the state he proved that an unapologetic conservative with a sharp campaign can compete in Massachusetts.

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    Christy Mihos  

  • Next question!

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    The Late M Jefferson. her speech at the Convetion was awsome.

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  • Vincent Errichetti

    Not allowed to say, but if you are in the know, you know C.P. deserves more credit this year than anyone else.

    And refuses to accept praise or credit to ensure she remains effective.  

  • Some people are making a case for people that aren’t Scott Brown?

    You could argue Scott was the Republican of the year across the country. In Massachusetts, it’s a no brainer.

  • Although some may argue (laughingly) that the Senator doesn’t pass the social conservative test.

  • Brown. No go after financial “reform ”  vote, and after flip flopping on Vitter Amendment.

    Chrisy? a conservative. That is a joke. Baker with strong pro gay positions made Christy look conservative.  Christy is from the Rockefeller wing of the party. Pro Abort for decades, big spending positions. Look it up.

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    ROB “EaBo Clipper” ENO!

    Not only does he run the best political blog in town – based largely in that it deals in fact, and not fiction like the other guys.  But he has appeared numerous times on Boston talk shows to proudly proclaim the turf held by Republican candidates and speak truth to power.  He is a gentleman and a hard worker, never ever seeking the spotlight for himself, but only for the good of the party.  He travels around late at night and on weekends to all kinds of meetings, debates, roundtables and does his job of providing the interested public in the workings of the state government.  Rob Eno has done more for the State Republican Party than any whirlwind candidate I know.  If we had another 100 or 200 Rob Enos the party would be incredibly strong.

    The Charlie Bakers and Jeff Perrys of the world come and go.  But it is thanks to the consistent hard work and determination of the guys behind the scene, like EBO, that make this party work.  Baker and Perry, in all due respect, are the pretty boys that seek the vote, but Rob is the work horse that makes things happen.  He is fair, level headed and balanced in his approach and I honestly can’t think of a single person that contributes so much, for so little to the party.

    I cast my vote for Rob Eno.  Who will join me?

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    There simply wasn’t a conversation in the first 10 months of 2010 that didn’t involve his name. He gave hope to activists and campaigns all year.

    It is bittersweet because his election turned out not be a model for anyone, and looks unlikely to be reproduced. But the fact that the republicans did not do well in November does not mean he wasn’t the man all year long.

    If others want to vote for a behind the scenes person, or even Eno – I totally respect that.

  •  I would definitely support Jeff Perry for the Massachusetts Conservative/Republican of the year in 2010. He stood up against one of the dirtiest campaigns filled with lies this state has ever seen. He has been a leader in the Mass State house. Hopefully, Jeff will run for Congress once again and hammer Keating who ran away from the issues and ran a campaign on trust when his campaign was nothing more than a lie. Jeff deserves the title Massachusetts Conservative/Republican of the year in 2010.

  • Although his vitory doesn’t even seem like it happened this year. January 2010 seems so, so, so long ago.

    Ah, remember the hope, the optimism, the sheer fun. The “good old days” that lasted about four months.

    But it has to be Brown because all the other candidates were inspired by his victory. He paved the way for Jeff Perry. He inspired a lot of candidates to run. That race even helped put redmassgroup on the national map.

  • Okay, yes… Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson is my boss but simply objectively I’d have to put his name forward for consideration of being one of the Masschusetts Republicans of 2010.

    Why?  Simple!

    Sheriff Hodgson was targeted – point blank targeted by the MassDems for defeat this year.  Despite overwhelming oppopsition from a deeply entrenched SouthCoast Democrat and facing the fire of the entire machine Sheriff Tom Hodgson ended up winning his 3rd term as Bristol County Sheriff.  Sheriff Tom didn’t simply waterdown his message or cave into taking the easy road. Rather he’s continuously fought the good fight…and despite overwhelming odds & even possible shennanigans…he’s come out the victor!  He’s the epitome of a gentleman warrior (and far more gracious in victory than I would’ve been!)

    The Sheriff doesn’t work alone in isolation but was a tremendous support to area candidates.  Hodgson is a true leader in the community, tries to help grow & build his local committees, and as anyone who attended the last State Committee is well aware he gave a great speech calling for Republican unity & activity. Yet, he lives out that same vocation being willing, especially now that he has the next 6-years in office, to stand up against the machine across the Commonwealth as he withstood the slings & arrows aimed against him locally when virtually the entire state was marching against him.

    Granted, it’s hard to equate a county sheriff against a US Senator but quite frankly, the former tries to do whatever he can to support the latter – ditto with candidates up & down the ballot.

    If we give the statewide “award” to Senator Brown, I’d say that Southeastern Mass should likely go to Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson!

  • The question was; Who would you consider your Massachusetts Conservative/Republican of the year in 2010?

    Scott Brown has done a Peter Pan and flew over the edge to the Left Wing with his support of DADT and other votes. I wouldn’t consider him a conservative never mind a Republican!

  • YOU.

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    James Gettens ran for the republican 12th District. He ran against a giant liberal democrat Harold Naughton. Gettens did not receive any support from the State Committee. He ran a awesome race but did not win the seat. The heads of the Town Republican comities from Clinton and sterling chose to quietly support the liberal Democrat Naughton.  This was a disgrace and is what is wrong with the state GOP and its chairs. Our State party has been compromised by the RINO’s. If we as Massachusetts Republicans want to win important races again we have to start being Conservative Republicans. Everyone says Scott Brown was a Republican Victory but that RINO has voted against our Republican morals and standers. If Scott Brown keeps going down this RINO path he will not win in his upcoming election.

  • … Or PAUL FERRO! pounds fist on table

  • I’m not voting twice (although more Mass Repubs should, LOL).  I just want to ask the posters on this sight who diss Scott Brown to kindly stop posting here and go to RED OKLAHOMA GROUP.  You might feel more at home!

    Scott Brown is the greatest thing to come out of Massachusetts since the Toll House Cookie !

    BTW, my runner up would be Rep.-elect Shauna O’Connell.  She’s made the air easier to breath around here !

  • Perry is the greatest republican candidate we have seen in years.  Why do you think they tried to tear him down so badly? Sad but true. The left and left leaning Republicans did everything they could to ruin this guy.  The fact he was so battered is a true testament to his effectiveness.  

  • He ran a great campaign, against the odds, did it with class and had alot of fun doing it.

    He’s young and the wave of the future.

  • politicalmadman

     The amount of support given to so many candidates was monumental, well organized, effective, and sucessful. With that track record, yes- C.P. gets the nod.

    There is no equal for this award.

  • senator scott brown made history getting more votes in a blue state than a democrat.if the award was given to a non-politican,rflynn from the plymouth count republican club,has the democratic establishment in plymouth county on the run.