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Who would you consider your Massachusetts Conservative/Republican of the year in 2010?  Who deserves nomination. Make your case in the comments.

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  1. ALL Republicans? Or just those that pass the purity test? Cause that will shrink the pool of eligible contenders, much the way it will continue to shrink the party registration. At this rate you can forget the big tent and use a pup tent.

  2. I know, I know. He didn’t win. However, even if it was one of if not the most Republican friendly district in the state he proved that an unapologetic conservative with a sharp campaign can compete in Massachusetts.

  3. Christy Mihos  

  4. The Late M Jefferson. her speech at the Convetion was awsome.

  5. Vincent Errichetti

    Not allowed to say, but if you are in the know, you know C.P. deserves more credit this year than anyone else.

    And refuses to accept praise or credit to ensure she remains effective.  

  6. Some people are making a case for people that aren’t Scott Brown?

    You could argue Scott was the Republican of the year across the country. In Massachusetts, it’s a no brainer.

  7. Although some may argue (laughingly) that the Senator doesn’t pass the social conservative test.

  8. Brown. No go after financial “reform ”  vote, and after flip flopping on Vitter Amendment.

    Chrisy? a conservative. That is a joke. Baker with strong pro gay positions made Christy look conservative.  Christy is from the Rockefeller wing of the party. Pro Abort for decades, big spending positions. Look it up.

  9. ROB “EaBo Clipper” ENO!

    Not only does he run the best political blog in town – based largely in that it deals in fact, and not fiction like the other guys.  But he has appeared numerous times on Boston talk shows to proudly proclaim the turf held by Republican candidates and speak truth to power.  He is a gentleman and a hard worker, never ever seeking the spotlight for himself, but only for the good of the party.  He travels around late at night and on weekends to all kinds of meetings, debates, roundtables and does his job of providing the interested public in the workings of the state government.  Rob Eno has done more for the State Republican Party than any whirlwind candidate I know.  If we had another 100 or 200 Rob Enos the party would be incredibly strong.

    The Charlie Bakers and Jeff Perrys of the world come and go.  But it is thanks to the consistent hard work and determination of the guys behind the scene, like EBO, that make this party work.  Baker and Perry, in all due respect, are the pretty boys that seek the vote, but Rob is the work horse that makes things happen.  He is fair, level headed and balanced in his approach and I honestly can’t think of a single person that contributes so much, for so little to the party.

    I cast my vote for Rob Eno.  Who will join me?

  10. There simply wasn’t a conversation in the first 10 months of 2010 that didn’t involve his name. He gave hope to activists and campaigns all year.

    It is bittersweet because his election turned out not be a model for anyone, and looks unlikely to be reproduced. But the fact that the republicans did not do well in November does not mean he wasn’t the man all year long.

    If others want to vote for a behind the scenes person, or even Eno – I totally respect that.

  11.  I would definitely support Jeff Perry for the Massachusetts Conservative/Republican of the year in 2010. He stood up against one of the dirtiest campaigns filled with lies this state has ever seen. He has been a leader in the Mass State house. Hopefully, Jeff will run for Congress once again and hammer Keating who ran away from the issues and ran a campaign on trust when his campaign was nothing more than a lie. Jeff deserves the title Massachusetts Conservative/Republican of the year in 2010.

  12. Although his vitory doesn’t even seem like it happened this year. January 2010 seems so, so, so long ago.

    Ah, remember the hope, the optimism, the sheer fun. The “good old days” that lasted about four months.

    But it has to be Brown because all the other candidates were inspired by his victory. He paved the way for Jeff Perry. He inspired a lot of candidates to run. That race even helped put redmassgroup on the national map.

  13. Okay, yes… Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson is my boss but simply objectively I’d have to put his name forward for consideration of being one of the Masschusetts Republicans of 2010.

    Why?  Simple!

    Sheriff Hodgson was targeted – point blank targeted by the MassDems for defeat this year.  Despite overwhelming oppopsition from a deeply entrenched SouthCoast Democrat and facing the fire of the entire machine Sheriff Tom Hodgson ended up winning his 3rd term as Bristol County Sheriff.  Sheriff Tom didn’t simply waterdown his message or cave into taking the easy road. Rather he’s continuously fought the good fight…and despite overwhelming odds & even possible shennanigans…he’s come out the victor!  He’s the epitome of a gentleman warrior (and far more gracious in victory than I would’ve been!)

    The Sheriff doesn’t work alone in isolation but was a tremendous support to area candidates.  Hodgson is a true leader in the community, tries to help grow & build his local committees, and as anyone who attended the last State Committee is well aware he gave a great speech calling for Republican unity & activity. Yet, he lives out that same vocation being willing, especially now that he has the next 6-years in office, to stand up against the machine across the Commonwealth as he withstood the slings & arrows aimed against him locally when virtually the entire state was marching against him.

    Granted, it’s hard to equate a county sheriff against a US Senator but quite frankly, the former tries to do whatever he can to support the latter – ditto with candidates up & down the ballot.

    If we give the statewide “award” to Senator Brown, I’d say that Southeastern Mass should likely go to Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson!

  14. The question was; Who would you consider your Massachusetts Conservative/Republican of the year in 2010?

    Scott Brown has done a Peter Pan and flew over the edge to the Left Wing with his support of DADT and other votes. I wouldn’t consider him a conservative never mind a Republican!

  15. James Gettens ran for the republican 12th District. He ran against a giant liberal democrat Harold Naughton. Gettens did not receive any support from the State Committee. He ran a awesome race but did not win the seat. The heads of the Town Republican comities from Clinton and sterling chose to quietly support the liberal Democrat Naughton.  This was a disgrace and is what is wrong with the state GOP and its chairs. Our State party has been compromised by the RINO’s. If we as Massachusetts Republicans want to win important races again we have to start being Conservative Republicans. Everyone says Scott Brown was a Republican Victory but that RINO has voted against our Republican morals and standers. If Scott Brown keeps going down this RINO path he will not win in his upcoming election.

  16. Former governor of this state and US president John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. was the last conservative and I do not think anyone has come close ever since.  

  17. … Or PAUL FERRO! pounds fist on table

  18. I’m not voting twice (although more Mass Repubs should, LOL).  I just want to ask the posters on this sight who diss Scott Brown to kindly stop posting here and go to RED OKLAHOMA GROUP.  You might feel more at home!

    Scott Brown is the greatest thing to come out of Massachusetts since the Toll House Cookie !

    BTW, my runner up would be Rep.-elect Shauna O’Connell.  She’s made the air easier to breath around here !

  19. Perry is the greatest republican candidate we have seen in years.  Why do you think they tried to tear him down so badly? Sad but true. The left and left leaning Republicans did everything they could to ruin this guy.  The fact he was so battered is a true testament to his effectiveness.  

  20. He ran a great campaign, against the odds, did it with class and had alot of fun doing it.

    He’s young and the wave of the future.

  21.  The amount of support given to so many candidates was monumental, well organized, effective, and sucessful. With that track record, yes- C.P. gets the nod.

    There is no equal for this award.

  22. senator scott brown made history getting more votes in a blue state than a democrat.if the award was given to a non-politican,rflynn from the plymouth count republican club,has the democratic establishment in plymouth county on the run.

  23. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    please share.

  24. dice everyone else is a RINO…

  25. If I was head of the State GOP I bet party membership would be up alot. When Republicans act like liberals then the numbers go down. When Republicans CONSERVITIVES (Fiscal and Moral) are running the show membership will go up.

  26. Thanks for the name drop.

  27. Does that mean that if I disagree with you on social issues, you are moral and I am not? Please say no!

  28. Who else ?

  29. It HAS to be Scott Brown!

  30. Lot of hard work behind the scenes and a great help to many people. Even though she won’t want it, she should get some recognition this year.

  31. Republican Ram Rod Radio
  32. A very worthy name, well initials, to have been put forward.

  33. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Jeff Perry couldn’t even get 1 news paper to endorse his failed campaign.  And you want to nominate him for Republican of the Year?  Oye

  34. I am conflicted on Jeff.

    I think he warrants consideration because he did his best to focus on the issues rather than get into a mudslinging contest.

    However, I think he completely blew the handling of his past incidents while he was a police officer.  Yes, they were many years ago and yes, they had not impacted his runs for the state house.  But he completely and totally underestimated their impact on his Congressional race where many opf the voters were not aware of his past and Keating was able to make a BIG deal out of it.  In hindsight, he should have done a mea culpa way early in the primary and gotten it out there and then he may have had a much better chance in the general.  Its a shame as the seat was there for the taking in one of the more, if not the most, Republican friendly districts in the state.

  35. Vincent Errichetti

    He was the 16th most googled item of the year, but because his race straddled the year he was kind of left out,  

  36. You want to celebrate a state senator who only gets elected to the US Senate?!

    Come back to me when he makes POTUS.

  37. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    I liked her Youtube vids!

  38. Republican Ram Rod Radio
  39. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    he had the one ring that binds them all.

  40. It’s virtually impossible not to conclude that Scott Brown was anything less than the 2010 Massachusetts Republican of the Year.

  41. I could easily nominate Scott Brown as Massachusetts Republican of the year; in no way Conservative of the Year.

    I don’t hold this to be a social-con vs.libertarian dispute either. In the right year I would happily nominate Barbara Anderson. But Brown’s chief case for himself is that he would not vote like those crazy corrupt Democrats–except when it is convenient, hence the ideological murkiness of the Fin Reg, START and DADT votes. He did not advance the conservative cause in this state intellectually at all and little politically, which is one reason why his election did not have much influence in November.

  42. You need to be more nice.

  43. you sure got me….go ahead and ask Rob if my name’s Kevin.

  44. to Mr. Gettens, who’s candidacy I appreciate & wish to thank him for publicy in this forum….

    He got blown out by Naughton 61% to 39%.

    City or town Precincts reporting, Gettens, Naughton

    Boylston            1 of 1           870        1,243

    Clinton             4 of 4           1,477      3,126

    Lancaster           1 of 1           757        986

    Northborough        4 of 4           2,521      3,852

    Sterling            1 of 1           961        1,035

    Total 11 of 11                       6,586      10,242

    (argh, can never format a table right here on RMG!)

    Now, my point here isn’t to attack or belittle Mr. Gettens but to make a simple point.  The MassGOP exists to hopefully bring some candidate who is within STRIKING DISTANCE those few percentage points up & over the top.  Mr. Gettens WAS NO WHERE NEAR WITHIN STRIKING DISTANCE.  Mr. Gettens lost by 22%!!!

    How much money & other resources should the MassGOP have sholved into Mr. Gettens campaign?  What makes his 22% blow out qualify for special attention when other campaigns, who were much closer, probably got as much or only slightly more support due to financial limitations?!

    Someone who came damn close but didn’t get a piece of the pie…they have a legitimate gripe.  They somehow failed to get on the Candidates Committee radar & maybe that was our fault.

    Mr. Gettens, who I hope will learn form this race, tweak what needs to be worked on, retool, refuel & relauch in 2012 should be encouraged.

    What we shouldn’t & must never do is to take our battle field bloodied & make them unjust martyers for a cause that is only in your own mind.

    Simply put: DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT $3,000 (the state maximum) from the MassGOP was REALLY going to close a 22% gap?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. The heads of the Town Republican comities from Clinton and sterling chose to quietly support the liberal Democrat Naughton.

    Present it to your State Committee members, regional chairman, & the State Party.

    If someone came to me with clear evidence of such a thing I would follow the letter of the bylaws in reaction.  I’ve suggested you do this previously.  I don’t think that you have.

    Point here?  If true, I’d agree with you & offer my sincere assistance.  However, show me your evidence.

  46. Simple J. Malarkey

    Are you saying the victim of sexual assault lied when she said Perry had to have heard her screams and yet did nothing?   Or that Perry did not get a fake college diploma, telling the voters of Sandwich that he earned a 3.7 GPA from the made-up College?  Or maybe that Jeff didn’t lie on his bar application, which he admitted to?  What lies were told about Jeff Perry?

  47. Cliff is convinced I’m a Selectman from Clinton.

    I’m neither a Selectman, nor from Clinton…..

  48. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    * He had to pass Perry up for a promotion because Perry “wasn’t 100% truthful” to him in the past.

    * And that Perry played the old “Red Light Game” where he would “create traffic violations” by accusing innocent people of running red lights.  

    * And that he found out from a former employer of Perry that he “had a history of telling bull tales.”

  49. This is a replay of ‘Bush lied, People died’.  Because Bush believed the same intellience as John Kerry, which was in error, he was a liar.  No.  Lying assumes intent.

    Did the lady lie?  Her opinion was he must have heard, so I will not say she is a liar, but in error.

    Perry did not lie about getting a 3.7 GPA and diploma – he got one from a school that was susequently discredited.  That was an error.

    Perry did not lie on his application – he used the word ‘arrested’ instead of ‘detained’.  That was an error.

    There was no INTENT to deceive.  Even the lady, who can be wrong without lying.

    Now, a poster who promises to leave and then resumes under another name – lie or error?

  50. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    What about the red light game?

    Perry had his former Police Chief Thomas Joyce do an ad explaining what a good cop Perry was etc etc.

    But the same guy said under oath that Perry couldn’t be trusted, that he lies basically.  That Jeff Perry created traffic violations by playing the red light game.  Either Thomas Joyce lied under oath or Jeff Perry really did accuse innocent people of traffic violations that never happened.  I think Thomas Joyce was telling the truth.  

  51. Simple J. Malarkey

    Perry has changed his story about the night Ms Allen was assaulted many times.  Initially he said he was there, was in a place to see everything and nothing happened.  Then Flanagan admits (by pleading guilty) that something happened and Perry then says he saw nothing.  Heck, he even denied being there in a Janet Wu interview.

    And I feel off my chair laughing when you wrote the diploma mill was “discredited”…the owner of the diploma mill said people could earn PhDs in 30 days and unless they were morons, everyone involved (that is the people buying the diplomas) knew is was a fraud.  “That was an error”.  Can you imagine yourself defending a Democrat who did this?

    As for the application–there was a lot more that using the word “arrested” instead of detain…like his false statement that he investigated and immediately reported the Adams complaint…a lie.  Also he lied when he failed to mentioned that he was a named defendant in the Allen suit, as opposed to being an employee of an agency that was sued by her.  

    Lies…all lies.

  52. I’d like to see Tom run for Congress, Senate or Governor.  He’s a talented politician and any Republican who can consistently win cities like Fall River has to be taken seriously.  He’s so strong in Bristol County, that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems approach Congressional redistricting with that in mind.

  53. It reflects terribly on you when you kiss the boss’es ass in public. Please give the Sheriff my regards. We met in Plymouth election eve.

  54.    It was inspiring, wasn’t it?

  55. Always give credit where credit is due.  Here’s just some examples of the great work done by my co-workers & our inmates, just done within the past week or so:

    Under the tutelage of Jeremy Corriveau, a staff member at the Dartmouth House of Correction, the 25-member choir began practicing four weeks ago at the Dartmouth Women’s Center, located next to the men’s county jail on Faunce Corner Road.

    “Obviously, the holidays can be a depressing time for inmates,” Corriveau said, adding that the jail had a smaller choir several years ago.

    “We wanted to do a project that lifted their spirits while at the same time motivated them and helped them to deal with anxiety and stress.”

    Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson dubbed the group “The Redemption Sisters” in connecting that theme to the holiday season.

    The Taunton Gazette also gave a very positive review of the performances.  Indeed, the choir also sang beautifully during yesteday’s Christmas Mass for inmates that will be aired on Christmas Day for all.  It was a packed crowd of inmates & staff, such as myself, who participated in the Holy Sacrifice led by Bishop George Coleman of the Diocese of Fall River.

    NEW BEDFORD – Some of the hardest-working volunteers at The Salvation Army come from an unexpected place: The Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth.

    “I can’t even begin to describe how helpful they’ve been to us,” Maj. Gilbert Parkhurst said about the inmate volunteers who help unload the huge food orders that arrive at The Salvation Army each week.

    “Without them it would pretty much just be my wife and I out there doing it. We’d be lost without them.”

    The inmates come to The Salvation Army as part of Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson’s Community Work Program, which provides labor services to municipalities and nonprofit organizations throughout Bristol County.

    Likewise, the Taunton Gazette ran a similar story.

    Before that was the Sheriff’s fundraising, alongside other area politicos & celebs, for the Neediest Families Fund:

    Mayor Scott W. Lang, Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson and a range of local politicians and celebrities will hop behind the bar of the popular club at 736 Ashley Blvd. from 1-6 p.m. Sunday. These bartending amateurs will donate their tips from pouring brews and wiping down counters to The Salvation Army. They’ll also be selling raffle tickets.

    Hodgson said he has a good time at the annual event he has been volunteering at for many years.

    “We’re trying to take care of those who are less fortunate this time of year and bring some joy to their holiday – that’s what the spirit of Christmas is all about,” Hodgson said. “Supporting an organization that brings people together to do good things like this for the community is always something that’s been important to myself and others who are blessed to be able to serve the public.”

    His key to getting big tips for the Neediest Families Fund? Customer service, of course.

    “I usually get pretty good ratings,” Hodgson said. “I just try to keep everything nice and clean and give them good service. It’s a good time, talking to all the people there and everybody’s there for a good cause, which makes it such an important event.”

    I suggest checking out the links for some great pics of our inmates & my co-workers in action.  I’m not the Public Information Officer but I’m damn proud of what our people can & have done – on a daily basis!  Obviously, I don’t mind sharing.

    All this didn’t include our office’s bell ringing for the Salvation Army.  Yes, that includes me who took the 2:00-4:00 pm time slot last Monday in front of my old Walmart store!

    Billix, I know you made some snarky remarks about my boss prior to the election.  It’s okay, you can join his anti-pages on FB & elsewhere.  You claim to have met him & that’s great.  My friend, you often seem to dislike most people upon even first meeting.  At the end of the way the election results stand for themselves & I’m proud to serve the residents of Bristol County & taxpayers of the Commonwealth along side my boss, Bristo County Sheriff Tom Hodgson.

  56. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    shhhhh billxi – I love watching Brock kiss ass, no one does it better.  

  57. think your a a-hole  

  58. a smile would’ve gotten more votes…half a smile?  

  59. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    LOL – that was funny!

  60. They don’t smile in Clinton. They’re too busy walking between the bars. In a town that has 5.7 sq miles of land, they have 25 bars. Cliff actually fits right in there standing on a street corner and yelling at people.

  61. I would usually agree.  However, we’re supposed to be nominating a person for 2010.  Sadly President Coolidge left this earthly realm some 77 years prior.  Furthermore, Cal wasn’t the last conservative from Mass. Look up the Gov. Christian Herter.

    BTW, as a successful country lawyer from outside of Boston, I bet Cal would vote for SCOTT BROWN !!!  

  62. family in Clinton & Sterling.

  63.    I liked him if I didn’t. I also wouldn’t say I met him if I didn’t. You were in Plymouth too. I tend to be very noticeable.

      If you want, I can blast him. But he’s a good man.

      Merry Christmas Brock. Thank you for your always good answers to my sometimes annoying questions.  

  64. I was thinking in terms of accomplishment, Herter is Conservative however, he was in a more progressive segment in history. I was hopeful that some fool would try to argue modern republicans in this state are as Conservative as they once were, thus achievement was my choice. As you suggested, I think you know what the outcome of that argument would have been.

    I do not think we need any “purity test” for modern republicans here, history has given a benchmark of achievements for this states republicans, can they at least try to do better?      

    Brown 41, I think that chapter has yet to be written and as of now, he is being beaten up badly within the Tea Party here. He may want to look toward Herter and Coolidge as to what it means to be a Scott Brown Republican from Massachusetts if he wants to be reelected and stay away from that progressive influence.      

  65. The NRCC named Jeff Perry one of its Young Guns.  I stopped giving $ to  NRCC, NRSC years ago. I dropped out of RNC this year because of Michael Steel’s spending sprees and do not like that he made money, if he did,  on book on RNC time.  I was very upset by things he said early in this year about republicans chances of winning, now he’s trying to take the credit.  He has to go.

    Cornyn & Pete Sessions have to go on the national level too, they supported RINOs.

  66. Questions are never annoying as long as they are sincere & without vitrol.  Answering questions is part of the reason that the State Committee exists.  I may not always have the answer but I will strive to get it for you.  Furthermore, while you may not strictly be a constituent with technology being what it is, there’s no reason why I can’t be the one – or among the ones – to assist you or whoever else it is who has a question.

    Some people may not like my answers but they’re the best & generally unbiased a I can do.  :)

    Merry Christmas to you & yours!  

  67. First Rich, I feel that, outside of that financial reform bill, Scott Brown has shown himself to be a smaller govt, fiscally responsible conservative.  I am sure he will continue with that throughout the coming years(s).  I hate to say it, but there are some elements of the tea party that will never be satisfied … with any one.  No one can govern effectively without compromise.  Also, Coolidge was actually considered a liberal in Massachusetts when he first came to Boston.

    Let’s face it, Scott Brown is the model for Massachusetts Republicans.

  68. When the choice was made between Coolidge and Lenroot a Woodrow Wilson progressive/socialist liberal for vice president there was an austere difference between the two. Coolidge was no liberal, when Coolidge was nominated for vice president, the delegates cheered, and Coolidge easily defeated Lenroot. You seem mistaken to call Coolidge a liberal, his well-known quotes, “The chief business of America is business,” Coolidge opposed federal government intervention or relief for workers and was equally against any actions that would obstruct with business. Coolidge also opposed government unions saying, “There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, anytime” as governor, and his statement was highly praised all through the nation.

    However, there are classic liberals but then there are these progressive/socialist liberals that are the opposite of classic liberals. A substantial number of classic liberals worked with us on the Brown 41 campaign, my guess would be close to half. Moreover, all republicans were once considered a bunch of liberals. In terms of scale of government classic liberals are to the right, almost indistinguishable from a libertarian. In term of historical context, Coolidge was a classic liberal, laissez-faire constitutionalism.

    There is good reason why Brown 41 is in trouble with the Tea Party, in terms of comparison to Coolidge, Brown 41 is more like a Woodrow Wilson progressive/socialist liberal. There is compromise and then there is an about face, Brown 41 is compromise and the Tea Party fully rejects compromise and not about being satisfied with compromise. In terms of direction, republican compromise is typically less left. The Tea Party is saying right turn only. On taxes, it should be cut spending and taxes in half, and start from there, no more slow increases or a little of that, change direction.

    Coolidge should be the model for Massachusetts Republicans, almost the opposite of what Brown 41 is turning out to be, but there is a chance he may well change his direction.  

  69. I would take those newspaper non-endorsements as a badge of honor.

    How many of them used to endorse Gary Studds?

  70. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Every time a Republican lawmaker endorsed Jeff Perry … we heard about it (ad nauseam) here on RMG by “News from the Tenth” or “Jeff Perry”.

    Every time a SC member endorsed Jeff Perry … we heard about it (ad nauseam) here on RMG by “News from the Tenth” or “Jeff Perry”.

    And every time an RTC chair endorsed Jeff Perry … we heard about it (ad nauseam) here on RMG by “News from the Tenth” or “Jeff Perry”.

    It’s like ‘well duh’ …..

    I just think it’s funny how the guy can’t even get 1 news paper to endorse him.  

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