On the Herald story and the Chair’s Letter to the State Committee

I would agree with the argument that a candidate and their staffs must be the principal providers of a campaign's support. I accept responsibility for the role and scope I played in the 2010 Polito for Treasurer Campaign. We all made some mistakes and will try to learn from them.

However, as per published reports, I am trying to reconcile two recent statements that seem to be at odds with each other: The Boston Herald quoted the Mass GOP Chair as saying, “the party chair has nothing to do with the candidate's loss.” But, compare that statement to a recent Chairman’s letter, which states that “…as chairman, the decisions on expending resources were ultimately (the Chair’s) responsibility.”

Well, which is it? Many GOP activists would assert, and the polling and elections results reveal, that expending resources on a campaign does indeed have something to do with a candidates chances on Election Day.  Further, many activists believed that a supplemental infusion of direct financial assistance could have benefitted our campaign. One has to wonder, would an extra $50,000+, as outlined in the sample support formula at www.NewMassPlaybook.com, as an example, been enough to support other statewide candidates to victory?

Lastly, why did certain losing legislative candidates in the 2010 cycle receive significant amounts of direct financial support – while the two open-seat, Auditor and Treasurer offices received zero dollars?  Was this part of the Mass GOP's plan?  Where is their plan?

There is a NewMassPlaybook that outlines a way forward to victory.

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  • but you need players, not just a plan.  You should run for chair and implement your ideas.


  • “The New Mass Play book” is like communism good in theory, but not reality. If you like a redistribution of wealth so much then move to North Korea (its lovely this time of year).  Fact of the matter is that the vast majority of money that was raised by the state party was largely due to Charlie Baker.  People use your brains and get with it. Really now.  

    The State Party is here to help guide and provide the tools and knowledge for candidates to fish on their own.   Not to in totality run or fund the campaign.  

    My question for the authors of the “New Mass Play Book” is where are you going to get these donations?

    Often donors want to donate to a candidate first then that State Party if he/she is already maxed out to said candidate. It seems as if politics is not your game.

    With having such difficulties figuring the simple things out maybe you should go back to tinker toys. Politics is not your arena. This is a contact sport.