Obama is DR Death


“death panels” are back. The brouhaha surrounding end-of-life counseling forced Democrats to cut it from health care reform, but now President Obama is quietly adding the same policy to Medicare by rewriting regulations”

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  • the president has only two years left to get everything accomplished that he wants.after that the new president will be changing what the “hope and change”president has unleashed on the people.

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    For all of the Bush bashers in the world – never did George W Bush ever try to create legislation that took the life of a breathing, living child or allow for the stoppage of medical help due to government’s dislike of old people.

    Very simply, that is what the Obama regulation allows for – government can stop treating old people because they are old.  Strangley, AARP endorsed this kind of practise.

    Throughout the Obama administration we find person after person that believes the US population should be curbed for the sake of the planet, and that government has the right to control the birthrate of its constituency.  Yesterday, I posted a video of Ted Turner saying clearly that people need to stop procreating or suffer cannibalism in the future.  

    It is no exaggeration to call Obama, Dr Death.