Meehan pulls out of running for UMass Presidency, a sign he’s considering challenging Brown?

Marty Meehan’s has just abruptly pulled himself out of the running for the UMass system presidency.  He told the search committee that his interest remains in “running UMass Lowell”.  The Lowell Sun has the full story.  

It was widely rumored in Greater Lowell that Steve Panagiatakos had the Chancellorship of UMass Lowell wrapped up when Meehan moved to the UMass Presidency.  This throws a wrench in those alleged plans.  The Governor earlier this month signaled his displeasure with the inside track apparently being given Meehan.  

With the new scrutiny being given the hiring process did that help Meehan determine that running for US Senate with his close to $5M war chest easier? My bet would be that there is now a 75% chance that Meehan will throw his hat in the ring.

Another possibility is that Panagiatakos’ name being mentioned prominently in the Ware report may have given him second thoughts about a public role at this time.

Time will tell.

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