MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour’s Letter to State Committee Members

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Any typos or such should be attributed to my bad transcription of this letter that I received in today’s mail.

— Brock N. Cordeiro

State Committee Member

Second Bristol & Plymouth Senate District

(New Bedford, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Acushnet & Mattapoisett)

Chairman, MassGOP Region 5

Jennifer A. Nassour, Esq.

December 22, 2010

Dear Brock,

    I hope this letter finds you enjoying Christmas and the New Year surrounded by the joy and warmth of family and friends. This is a time for both reflection and resolutions, and in that spirit, I write today about both the past and future of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

    I have decided to seek re-election as Chairman at the January 6, 2011, Republican State Committee meeting.  I ask for your vote.  With your support, I look forward to another term to continue the important progress we have made together in rebuilding the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

    We started in January 2009 with our party shouldering the burdensome debt and the office infrastructure and system sin critical disrepair.  Today, we stand debt free with functioning systems and equipment that allow for greater efficiency and productivity.  In addition to climbing out of debt, we began focusing on how to achieve the ultimate goal of any political party, reaching majority status.

    We recognized that our greatest strength rests with the people dedicated to our party, and we spent much effort in 2009 setting the stage for activists and donors to increase their level of involvement in building the party.  Our regional forums, the New Majority Project funding program, early candidate recruitment, town committee organizing, and candidate and staff training sessions were all important facets of laying the groundwork for the coming election year.

    In late 2009 and into 2010, we stood resolutely behind Scott Brown in his race for U.S. Senate.  We opened our headquarters for his press conferences and lent staff to his campaign, and I went to Washington to lobby party leaders for support.  We savored his victory knowing it would mean a tough fight to preserve his State Senate seat, and again, the MassGOP team was on the ground playing a central role electing Richard Ross.

    Between those two victories, we also organized one of the largest and most successful Republican state conventions ever held in the Commonwealth.  With more than 4,000 delegates, we staged a spectacular event that showcased our candidates and energized our supporters for the campaign trail.  In addition to a strong statewide slate, the MassGOP recruited scores of candidates, with 173 appearing on primary ballots and 138 moving on to the general election.  This doubled the previous election cycle’s number of candidates.

    What we learned from the Brown and Ross campaigns is that the MassGOP does not, and never will, have the resources to run every campaign for every candidate.  WE must rely upon the candidates and their supporters to run their campaigns.  What the MassGOP should do, and did do in 2010, is provide a critical support role that provides important data, training on all facets of winning campaigns, and other types of in-kind assistance to our candidates and their staffs.  In 2010, Republican campaigns benefited from an unprecedented level of support from a party without the benefit of a sitting governor.

    In the end, 25 new Republican candidates were elected to seats across Massachusetts.  In the House of Representatives, 21 new Republicans were elected, doubling the size of the House Republican Caucus and reversing a 20-year slide.  We added a fifth sheriff and two Governor’s Councilors – the first in 20 years – as well as a county commissioner.  All Republicans seeking re-election were victorious while 12 Democratic incumbents were defeated.

    Our party made tremendous progress in November and laid the groundwork for future growth.  These new elected officials, working with our veterans, will be central to further organizing our grassroots and building teams of experienced volunteers.  They will help push a Republican platform on Beacon Hill to present voters with intelligent, viable alternatives to the typical tax-and-spend plans promoted by Democrats.  And from this group of Republican officials will rise future congressional and statewide candidates.

    We have all heard the naysayers, who offer opinions and blame for the defeats of our candidates for statewide office and Congress.  I listen for the useful and constructive criticism, and I would offer you a few observations.  In this year’s election, our party was able to field candidates for nearly every seat up and down the ballot, including 9 out of 10 congressional seats.  We had not done that in many years.  We had hope and energy, and many, many candidates who did very well for first-time campaigners.  They, too, will be future, successful candidates.

    As for the allocation of resources, this is a perennial complaint and someone is always upset no matter what the decision.  Resources take many forms, be it direct financial support, in-kind contributions, or opening doors to national party funds and private donors.  I would simply state that as chairman, the decisions on expending resources were ultimately my responsibility.  I listened to many perspectives.  In the end, I gave greatest consideration to the advice and counsel of those who assisted in raising the funds and little to those who did not lift a finger.

    It took decades for our party to reach the point where we found it two years ago. It will take more than one election cycle to rebuild.  We are off to a strong start with 100 new town committees, scores of new, seasoned volunteers, and efforts already underway to train and inspire our activists and future candidates.  We are planning ahead for 2011 and 2012, and if I’m honored with re-election as chairman, I will pursue the following:

* Elect More Republicans: Support the successful re-elections of United States Senator Scott Brown and GOP incumbents; recruit a quality team of GOP challengers.

* Fundraising: Continue the robust and strategic fundraising efforts that benefit all GOP candidates.

* Get Out The Vote Program: Change the GOP culture of campaign driven GOTV efforts to a coordinated, statewide GOTV.  Build the infrastructure and recruit the expertise to implement.

* Grassroots Building: Hosting the first-ever MassGOP grassroots conference to train activists and candidates on February 5.  Continue to add new town committees and empower both new and existing to become more active in recruiting members and raising visibility.

* Coordination of GOP Ticket: Promote greater cooperation among Republican campaigns to the benefit of all.

* Voter Registration: Increase the number of registered Republican voters with the aid of re-energized city and town committees, as well as allied organizations.

* Infrastructure Improvements: Update decades-old technology and outdated equipment to allow MRP central office to function more efficiently and productively for the benefit of candidates.

    In closing, I want to thank you for the support and leadership of the Republican State Committee over the past two years.  The party’s success in November was due, in no small way, to the contributions of State Committee members like you.  Our party has a lot of work ahead of us in order to grow our ranks of elected officials and registered voters, but we have made remarkable progress in two years.  I ask that you vote for me on January 6th so we may continue our work in growing the Massachusetts Republican Party.


Jennifer A. Nassour, Esq.

— Charlestown, Massachusetts —

About Brock N. Cordeiro

  • This letter sounds great but how do you propose on recruiting more local RTC’s?  What do you plan on putting inplace to help new and existing RTC’s and RCC’s?  

    And what kind of staff do you plan on putting in place.  Tara was wonderful, she will be next to impossible to replace (and I wish her well where ever she ends up).  

    I know that I do not get to vote, yes that has been made clear here many times, but I would like specifics.  

    And yes I have attended may of the gatherings you have put on and they have been very nice, the networking opportunities are wonderful.  The bootcamps that GOP Sue and Howard put on are great.  We need more opportunity to connect with other RTC’s and RCC’s so that we can build a strong network.

    Good Luck in your re-election.  

  • cfblake2


  •    Ms. Nassour:

    Christy Mihos pulled the party out of debt. And yet you and your cronies continue to shit on him.

    Functioning Systems? The website is STILL broken since I pointed it out on or about 12/4/10.

    Town Comittee Organizing? I challenge you to name ONE town comittee you or “Boston” helped to fotm. All of my inquiries to MAGOP have been ignored. A thank you to Brock Cordeiro for his assistance. Certainly not “Boston”.

    Regarding Scott Brown: What exactly did YOU do to help elect him?

    What makes Richard Ross so special? No other state house candidate received support.

    Don’t take credit for state house gains, Lew Evangelides, or Jen Cassie. You or MAGOP did nothing to help them.

    The PEOPLE in the party elected candidates, not the party machine.

      I need to stop now. I refuse to let your lies ruin my holiday good mood. I’ll finish my post in a couple of days.


  •  No matter who the next Mass GOP Chair is and no matter who the next RNC Chair is, I do hope that the best things are done for the entire Republican Party and for the long-term. Massachusetts, still, needs to get out of its one political party domination funk.

  • BTW – the alleged impending blizzard permitting, I’m looking forward to sitting down later this week with my friend & colleague, Bill McCarthy, who seeks to replace Jennifer Nassour as our next MassGOP Chairman.

    In the event that Bill is victorious, I hope to feature a very early forum where he can meet and greet not just the residents of the Second Bristol & Plymouth district but much of Region 5.

    Jennifer Nassour has already visited our area several times before & during her tenure but if she wins then she’s certainly welcome as well.  

  • of this bickering back and forth no one seems to want to anwer the important questions…… how do we get from here to there?  

    I understand that Ms. Nassour does not take a salary, so if we elect/hire someone else with they?  How do we pay for this?  And I’m not suggesting we keep someone for the cost savings.  How do we determine who to hire to replace the staff?  Do we actually have job descriptions to go by?  WE need to sit down before we elect/hire someone and get the office in place.

    What do we want to accomplish in the next two years?  Where as a party do we want to end up?

    What should we be looking for in a leader.  This is the discussion we should be having, not who is kissing who’s hiney.

  • edfactor

    To have people post nasty comments on Christmas Day! Wow. Sure – it’s a free Internet. If people want to be mean on Christmas, so be it. But does it have to be here?

    To the people that run this site – it’s time to decide what you want RMG to be, and not to be. Is this going to be the water cooler of the MassGOP or an alley behind a dive bar?

    Either kick these people out (by email address) or let us click something to hide the opinions of certain usernames. Otherwise, someone else will create something better that filters out this garbage, which could be accomplished with a WordPress group blog site in a matter of hours.

  • edfactor

    Merry Christmas, Brock!

    Thanks for posting this.  It is nice to know what goes on at your level.

    Despite only meeting her twice, I happen to like Jennifer – she’s a nice girl and I think she’s doing as well as can be expected, being that the party really isn’t strong enough to do most of the things that everyone seems to want done. Do I think her assessment of 2010 is too positive? Yes, but I understand she wants to be upbeat.

    As an infrastructure guy, I hope that part of her stated agenda comes true. With better tools than what they have now, the party staff could be many times more efficient than they are now. With new kinds of tools, they could do things they never could before. (The good news is that I am helping them do some of this right now, and another techie volunteer has joined me!)

    To those who think she’s mismanaging the party – why not prove it by setting up some of your own fundraising/recruiting/training/organizing infrastructure and supporting candidates yourself? With the current state of online tools, someone could create something superior to the current 1990s-style campaign office that is 85 Merrimac Street. But you had better hurry – I don’t think they are going to stay in that condition for long. 😉

  • As the Great Orator might say “Well, there you go again!”

    Eating our own, in public, as the Massachusetts Republicans always do.  

    How about for once…FOR ONCE…the bickering stops, support the candidate of your choice, make your case, then vote…why must it always come to this: tearing each other apart?  

  • I try and read news stories and blog postings from across the political spectrum.  This morning I came across this posting at the Massachusetts Liberal which makes a strong case for keeping Nassour as Chair of MAGOP.


    Yes, it is a decided and unabashedly liberal blog.  But take a minute to read the posting and a few more minutes to think about the point it is trying to make.

    Here is the key ending paragraphs that point to why Jenn should serve another term as MAGOP chair:

    The Massachusetts Republican Party has been floundering for more than a generation, betting the ranch on the top of the ticket with mixed success. It has now made a down payment on grassroots building that could generate better results down the road.

    They’d be fools to toss the chairwoman who started the process. But foolishness is a familiar trait of the state GOP, so let’s wait and see.

    Yes, let’s wait and see, but I, for one, hope MA GOP will not be foolish this time.

  •    I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

      In response to earlier responses to my post: Maybe Boston could just WAKE UP and realize the state border is not just highways with a “95”. Yes, central and western Massachusetts are part of the state! Maybe the few bucks we’re donating to MAGOP could be better spent “out west”. After all, that’s where we’re WINNING elections. Maybe we need new pollsters, who can better identify what a race is, rather than turning around and heading back once they get to the border I mentioned.

      Grassroots: I can’t wait until February to hear someone pontificate on “how to build an RTC”. I already know that answer. DIY. You’re sure as hell not getting any help from Boston, if they deign to reply to you at all.

      Coordination: Some of us are working on just that.

      Voter Registration: That takes workers! I just don’t imagine many of our state comitteepeople dirtying their hands. my friends know I don’t mean them.

      Infrastructure: God knows we need it. Nassour can’t even find a person to fix the MAGOP website! The website has been broken for over a month now. I offered to have it fixed. If our Chair can’t even get something as simple as this fixed, I have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in her ability to fix larger, more important things.

      Lastly, my personal issue with the chair. she thinks disabled party members are contagious. I, being disabled,  will not abide by her discriminatory attitude. Our party needs to be welcoming, not discriminating.

      I rest my case.

    Alan Linkevich

    Millbury RTC


  • I think Chairwoman Nassour has done an admirable job. The responses here are emblamatic of the problems we face as a party in Massachusetts…narrow mindedness, selfish self congratulatory blather…stupid conjecture…confident ignorance. Until you walk in her shoes be careful how you judge her. One of my pet peeves with my Bay State Republican bretheren is when you get any 3 of us together no one can agree on anything because nobody’s ideas or opinions are valid except one’s own. Everyone is an expert and expects somebody else to do the work. Organizing political action that results in power is hard work that can take years and years to accomplish and then may only happen with a little good timing and luck thrown in. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is never a good idea.