Massachusetts loses a Seat in the US House

In what was a widely expected announcement, the US Census Bureau today released figures today that confirm the loss of 1 seat in the US House. How will the Legislature react to this development? Which two Democrats will they pit against each other, or will someone retire?

Some may see this a loss of Massachusetts political influence; however, I see this as a gain for our country. If we take any of our current 10 Representatives out of the US House, and replace them with a US Rep. from a state that gained population, that person is likely to vote more with the majority of America.

This is not to say that the other states are smarter or have better people than Massachusetts. It’s just that Government in our state is broken, and people generally elect those with experience in government. Of the current 10 Reps., only John Tierney and Niki Tsongas were elected without previously holding elected office. And, of course, Niki Tsongas, was elected mostly based upon her being the widow of the former Congressman and Senator.  

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  • I’m getting close to jetting off to Texas myself. The peculiarities in my New England blood make it difficult. But I love the energy of those pro-growth Western states. Its almost as if you have to move West to know what it feels like to be American these days. Everrything here is ossified.

    Obama’s lanscape for 2012 is lot tougher.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    bum bum bum bump

    Deep in the Heart of Texas.

    Does anybody else have a feeling that Texas is going to secede in the next 50 years?

  • That’s not their job. They are there to vote with the majority of their DISTRICT. That’s why they’re called representatives…

  • (and considering the seasion, how appropriate, nyuk, nyuk…)

    Everybody is thinking in terms of NE/Rustbelt states having people move away to AZ, NV, TX, etc.  NO!

    Census counts POPULATION, not citizens!  So the increase in population in the southwestern states…might be ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?  Not displaced people from New York, but new ‘residents’ from Nogales!  Who will be represented, but who will not be voting!

    So – the Dems complicty in illegal immigration has actually produced an Electoral College map that is BAD for Democrats!

  • Oklahoma’s GOP site posted the apportionment changes.

    The SC GOP commented on it on Facebook.

    Why isn’t someone from our GOP talking about how failed economic policy by the Democratic Party is leading to MA losing out on BILLIONS of federal aid $ over the next 10 years.  

  • on the TV this morning. But then again, in this state the elected leaders can say up is down and not get called on it.

  • this is the silver lining to the just concluded election cycle.the commonwealth may have stuck to the status in quo but the country is moving in a different direction.the loss of the congressional seat is good for the country and bad for a population that is clinging to outdated thinking.