Mass GOP Growing Grassroots Conference

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I was interested to get the notification about the Mass GOP Growing Grassroots Conference to be held February 5th and 6th. I think this is a great idea. When I was more involved, one of my pet peeves was that the Democrat party has a convention every year or two, and the GOP only met every four years. While this is not an official convention, it is a great opportunity for activists to meet and exchange ideas.

Many of the winning candidates and their campaign staffs attended a series of seminars sponsored last year by the MassGOP.  They put to work many of the tactics and strategies presented to them and they won.  We know training is a key element in building our farm team of candidates and our grassroots of activist, and that’s why we are excited to build on the popularity of last year’s seminars with the party’s first ever grassroots conference.

As an opinionated person, like many of us here, I do wish the agenda included more Q&A sessions than seem to be listed in the agenda. However, it looks like a solid effort overall and worthwhile for activists and GOP newbies alike.

One thing I did notice is that there are no specific speakers listed as it’s about two months away. It just gives a vague reference to, “MASS GOP Staff, State Senators, State Representatives, GOP Leaders, Activist, County Elected Sheriffs and City/Town Republican Elected Officials.” If the Mass GOP is taking requests, I would hope they get some seasoned and successful local campaign consultants (Rob Cunningham or Willington) in addition to the usual people we tend to see at these events. I would love it if they could get someone from outside the state with a winning track record, but that’s likely to cost some money in a speaking fee. It might also be interesting to hear from PACs (Mass Family, CLT 2 1/2, etc.) that supported a lot of the GOP candidates to hear how different groups support candidates in different ways. Lastly, I would recommend that we get Tim Cruz on the agenda to either open or close the event. He’s gives a great speech that always seems to energize the crowd.

What do you think of the event and the agenda? And, who would you like to see speak or on a panel discussion?

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