MA RINO of the year award 2010

Ma Rino of the year award 2010

Lets pick out who in Ma politics was the biggest Republican in name only who sold out his party to take side with the Dems.

my top ten are

1) Scott Brown

2) Jen Nassour

3) Ron Kaufman

4 Choose for yourself see link below….

5) Richard Tisei

6) Charlie Baker

7) Jeff Perry

8) Chair of the Clinton Town Republican party

9) Choose for yourself see link below….

10) Mitt Romney – Jane Swift – Muffy Healy

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About cfblake2

  • Here’s hoping that you continue your upbeat, super intelligent, and productive discourse in the new years.

    You are a change agent!

  • Republican in Name Only?

    Cliff Blake for backing Keith Nicholas (an Independent) for Sheriff in a contested partisan race. Supporting Christy Mihos earlier this year for Governor (a previous Independent who chose a Democrat for LT. Gov in his last attempt.) And, lastly, as a lifetime achievement award for getting less than 8.9% of the vote in your run for selectman.

    Just for fun, I pulled this definition off of Wikipedia for him:

    Quixotism is usually related to “over-idealism”, meaning an idealism that doesn’t take consequence or absurdity into account.

    Cliff, labeling Jeff Perry as a RINO proves my point.

  • cfblake2

    By Not letting people join the Town GOP. By Putting up candidates that you know would never win. You have helped make a mockery out of our State Party. You hide behind your fake names on this site spouting your personal character attracts against those who do not agree with YOU AND YOUR RINO MOVEMENT. You are no better then some of your idols in this clip that also wanted to stifle and destroy freedom and liberty and make a joke of our democracy by shutting people up instead of letting them have free speech. I will never be silent about what is wrong with our State GOP and how anti-conservative it is. Here is a film with some of your Hero’s Enjoy.

  • (As Cliff understands it, not the technical meaning).

    Pro-Life, Pro-Legal Immigration, Pro-Gun, Pro-Tax Cut, Pro-Marriage Perry is a RINO????  Dear God, who do you approve of?  Franco?  (Generalissimo Francisco, not Mike).

    Meanwhile – I am terribly hurt that I didn’t even rate a nomination.

  • that stuff would surely impact him in a race in a big way. To think a race with a back woods moonbat ham and egger like Provost was vetting the issue was naive. Welcome to the big leagues.

  • politicalmadman

    The person who said ” I am further left than Obama”. Hmm, who was it that said that again……..  

  • calling cape cod gal, old sailor, et all

  • I cast my vote for RINO of the Year for Cliff Blake, who obviously would like the Republican Convention next time around to be held in a telephone booth, with him as the doorman.

  • What a dope this guy is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • politicalmadman

    What is a RINO ??

    What is a ” Republican ” ?

    What Ideology & who are the definitions based upon ?

    Who would be the Conservative Republican that would be considered the “Standard ” by which all others shall be measured ?

    Should it be a singular person and his values  or a compilation of people who may have defined said

    ” Conservative values ” over hundreds of years ?

  • Cfblake2   You nominate Jeff Perry for RINO of the year because of what went on when he was with the Wareham Police Department. Oh, you are so wrong.

    Jeff stated he did nothing wrong and this is proven in the Federal Court Docket Documents.

    I’ll start with Lisa Allen. She did file a complaint of Violation of Civil Rights against the Town of Wareham, Jeff Perry, Scott Flanagan, Officer Kearney and John Doe.

    The case was closed on 02/29/1996 after the judge was going to allow a motion for expert witness to testify and Lisa Allen opposed this.

    On 03/13/1996 a Stipulation of Dismissal by Lisa Allen, Scott Flanagan, Jeffrey D. Perry, Officer Kearney was, filed and entered on 03/13/1996. Lisa Allen dropped the Law Suit with $0 Demand.

    One note you will find interesting. Maryanne Lewis who also ran for Congress is the sister in-law of Officer Kearney who was named in the Law Suit.

    Lewis told the Patriot Ledger it was by mistake, but according to the Docket Documents he was a defendant. She lied to the Patriot Ledger. The real question is what Officer Kearney was doing alongside Flanagan. Jeff Perry wasn’t present when Flanagan did the illegal search and not the strip search that Keating lied about.

    On Heather Adams it is very clear. Jeff Perry was not present when Flanagan stripped search Adams. There was an eye witness to this. The eye witness name is Donald S Lovell. There were also two other teenage girls at the store with Heather Adams.

    On 9/11/1995 A Stipulation of dismissal by Heather Adams, Wareham, Town of, Scott Flanagan, Jeffrey D. Perry, Thomas A. Joyce that all claims against defendant PERRY be dismissed was filed and entered.

    Jeff Perry wasn’t involved in the 5 day trial where the Town was found guilty and Adams was awarded 50,000. Dollars. She was offered 250,000 dollars to settle out of court but refused.

    There will be more to come out on this as I will be extending my research on the cases and posting it in my own Blog. There is one thing for sure; Keating will have to be held accountable for his OUR RIGHT Lie on this matter and his deceiving the voters in the 10th district.  

  • Simple J. Malarkey You picked the right name for you. I Hope You Can Handle The Truth.  You ask what proof do I offer that Perry was not there (other than one of Perry’s ever changing stories). The eye witness Donald S Lovell would have testified that Jeff wasn’t present when Flanagan stripped searched Heather Adams. Jeff Perry reference to being at the scenes was when Flanagan called then Sgt Perry to come to the store. This was after he was caught by Mr. Lovell.

    In the Lisa Allen case the question is what was Officer Kearney involvement? I have some done some checking on this officer and he has had some major problems with the Wareham Police department which makes me eager to look further into his involvement in the Allen Case.

    Now as for Cape Cod Today and Richard Latimer. The Owner of Cape Cod Today name is Walter Brooks. He is a BIG Democratic. A Liberal one to say the least. He runs his blog in the best tradition of a Socialist. He censors what he doesn’t want written. He published anything that was against Jeff Perry even if it wasn’t true and in most cases this was the case.

    On Richard Latimer. Here we have another Democratic. He is an attorney in Falmouth. He did a pretty good job twisting the truth. He is the person who call Lisa Allen’s attorney and spoke with him on the law suit that Lisa Allen withdrew. Mr. Larimer did not mention the Federal Court Docket Documents in any of his lies. The Court Documents are exactly the facts on what happened. They are recorded by a Court Recorder on all motions and discussions in court or in the Judge’s Chambers by all parties. After Mr. Latimer spoke to Allen’s attorney he came out with the so call letter by Allen.

    The Perry campaign went to speak to Lisa Allen right after this so called letter was read and Lisa Allen was NO where to be found. Why? Could Lisa All violated the stipulation of the settlement? I believe this is so and I will be re-searching this. Why did Allen disappear?

    Simple J. Malarkey you are full of Malarkey. I will post in the future and it will be the facts. Not the twisted crap the Democrats got out and Bill Keating will be held accountable for his actions in his campaign.  He is a phony and a liar.