Jen Nassour its time to go.

Its time for J Nassour – Ron Kaufman and all the other GOP Rino’s to go away. Time for new Leadership. A winning Team.  Bill McCarthy

State GOP chief pleads to keep job

“The embattled head of the Bay State’s beleaguered Republican Party made an impassioned New Year’s plea yesterday to keep her job as she tries to beat back a move to oust her after the GOP’s astonishing election-year wipeout in the congressional and statewide races.”…

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  • Its time for you to go.

    And her name is Jenn Nassour. If you’re going to be obsessed with her at a stalker’ish level, at least get the spelling right.

  • Don’t know if you’ve noticed but Cliff is making this blog a bit less interesting than it used to be.