Introducing the “Live Free and Buy” Tax Credit Proposal

It’s been a while since the Massachusetts House had Four Horsemen.  Not that we can compare to the great Andrew Natsios, Andy Card, Leon Lombardi and Paul Cellucci, but I was proud to stand with my new colleagues Ryan Fattman, Shaunna O’Connell and Steve Howitt yesterday at the State House to introduce a new idea to create jobs and spur the Massachusetts economy:  the Live Free and Buy tax credit, which would make the first $4,800 of purchases of merchandise, meals and vehicles in Massachusetts free of any sales tax.  For a two-taxpayer household, that’s $9,600 of purchases tax free.  It will have the same or less impact on state revenues as a general rollback of the state sales tax to 5%, but the tax credit only can be enjoyed by folks who pay state sales taxes, leaving tax cheats who don’t file income tax returns, criminals and New Yorkers (and all other out of state consumers) to pay the current 6.25% sales tax.  From Day One, it would eliminate the head start now enjoyed by New Hampshire and online retailers over our Massachusetts businesses.  For more information, please check out our website and online petition at  When filed in January, we’ll see if any commonsense Democrats will join us as co-sponsors.

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