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  • cfblake2

    Ask his supportors . one supportor is the Head of the Clinton Town Commitiee anouther is Clinton Republican town Commitee member and Selectman Connolly. They supported Dem Rep Liberal h Naughton over GOP J Gettens. And Gettens did not get a dime or any support from the State Gop and he was the only one Running against Naughton. This is why These Rino’s have to go Jefferson Nix – Brock – Electric Strawberry and others – Most of all J Nassour and Ron Kaufman.

  • I dropped Mr. Blake as an FB friend after about a day because of all his idiotic posts.

    Now I have to sort through all his BS to find what I want to read on this site? No thanks.

    And everyone responding to him should start ignoring him. You’re only encouraging him.

    In the spirt of the holiday I want to point out that Jesus was a CINO. “Christian In Name Only”

    Most of the time he acted Jewish, so you doctrinaire Christians really need to re-think things.