Globe’s Bostonian of the Year is Scott Brown

Scott Brown who shocked the political world on January 19, 2010 has been named the “Bostonian of the Year” by the Boston Globe.

So the people of Massachusetts sent that perceived lightweight, named Ted Kennedy, to Washington. In that special election of 1962, Kennedy was able to leverage his likability (and his connections) to cream Democratic Attorney General Edward McCormack in the primary en route to assuming his famous brother’s Senate seat.

It was nearly half a century later when Scott Brown did the same. In the special election of 2010, the candidate stunned the anointed but flat-footed Democratic attorney general, Martha Coakley – and the nation – to win what he referred to as “the people’s seat,” but which everybody else continued to call “the Kennedy seat.”

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  • Not bad press coming from the Globe, but this is horrible:

    Similarly, Brown campaigned to be the 41st vote to block “ObamaCare,” but he turned out to be an accelerant for its passage. Before Brown’s victory, the president courted compromise and dialed back the ambition of his health care reform plan in an increasingly desperate attempt to cobble together a coalition that could pass it with a filibuster-proof supermajority. When Brown’s election exposed the futility of all that, it actually emboldened Obama. He replaced his aching acrobatics with a stiffened spine and pushed through health care on a simple-majority reconciliation bill.

    How can a journalist get something so wrong. When Brown was elected, the bill had already passed the House and the Senate. Obama was dialing back nothing. It was just a matter of reconciling the two versions of the bill.

    Brown was not an accelerant. His election derailed the legislation and forced the Dems to use parliamentary tricks.

  • Karl Marx

    Despite the fall of 2010 in Massachusetts, the Scott Brown story is TOO BIG TO IGNORE!  

  • i am not much for analogy’s but juda ben hur was also revered to as number 41?he too led the people in a uprising against the oppressed!the people did not use violence to get even with the roman’s who were taxing the people into servitude.

  • away from Senator Brown in any way, but how does a guy who lives closer to Providence than Boston qualify as a Bostonian? 🙂  Once a again the Globe proves it believe the edge of the known universe is RT 128.

  • CVarley

    his election is an historical event – for him and for all those in MA who supported him.  He will always be many people’s “first” and for that we should all be grateful and he should be proud.  MA can now boast having a “conservative” population worth reckoning with – I am proud to be part of it.

    Thank you Scott Brown.

  • politicalmadman

    anytime a Republican gets accolades like this from the Globe, you’re going in the wrong direction. Compromise should not be a word used very often from this point forward. It has become obvious that the Senate is not the body of sensible people our founders had expected it to be.

  • The spirit that got Scott elected.  That Obama like hope and changeiness which could change Marxachusetts to something more normal.

  • As a tea party conservative, I wish Brown’s votes were a bit more to the right, but we do need to remember how lucky we are that Brown ran and won last January.  We can either support him and be happy he is with is 80% of the time or throw him under the bus and get another liberal who will be in office for another 40 years. We are lucky to have Scott Brown as our U.S. Senator.