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(I can understand Ms. Nassour’s hesitancy to engage Holly.  As Brock notes, Holly, if not herself, was definitely within the group heckling from the back at the last SC meeting.  Might I suggest that Ms. Nassour take the opportunity to reply to these questions here on RMG, even as a comment on this very post?   – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)…

The Battle for GOP Chairman

On January 6th the 80 elected GOP State Committee members will decide who should lead the party for at least one more year.  There are two announced candidates for the job -incumbent Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour and Republican State Committeeman Bill McCarthy.

Now is the time for Republican Town Committee members and Tea Party activists to weigh with their elected State Committee member.  On that note I thought we needed to know how these two candidates plan on building the party.  Here are the responses to the 5 questions I sent to both of them:

Seeing as Republicans are pushing for more transparency in government, do you believe that there should be 5 debates before the election of the new Chairman?

Bill McCarthy’s response:

Because the election is a week away, there is no time for 5 debates. But I do suggest we debate live on Howie Carr or Jim Braudes’ show. Redistricting will occur over the next few months and will set the political landscape in Massachusetts for the next decade.  The difference between myself and Jen is she has no plan and I do. I look forward to debating her regarding this very important issue.

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