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(I can understand Ms. Nassour’s hesitancy to engage Holly.  As Brock notes, Holly, if not herself, was definitely within the group heckling from the back at the last SC meeting.  Might I suggest that Ms. Nassour take the opportunity to reply to these questions here on RMG, even as a comment on this very post?   – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)…

The Battle for GOP Chairman

On January 6th the 80 elected GOP State Committee members will decide who should lead the party for at least one more year.  There are two announced candidates for the job -incumbent Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour and Republican State Committeeman Bill McCarthy.

Now is the time for Republican Town Committee members and Tea Party activists to weigh with their elected State Committee member.  On that note I thought we needed to know how these two candidates plan on building the party.  Here are the responses to the 5 questions I sent to both of them:

Seeing as Republicans are pushing for more transparency in government, do you believe that there should be 5 debates before the election of the new Chairman?

Bill McCarthy’s response:

Because the election is a week away, there is no time for 5 debates. But I do suggest we debate live on Howie Carr or Jim Braudes’ show. Redistricting will occur over the next few months and will set the political landscape in Massachusetts for the next decade.  The difference between myself and Jen is she has no plan and I do. I look forward to debating her regarding this very important issue.

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  • No doubt, Jennifer will personally call Peter Durant and speak to him about his $3,800 debt. Then the phone call will be billed out for the three grand he requested, to the fund that was set up to help candidates, as an “in kind contribution.”  Then the actual money will disappear from the account and be diverted retire and debt Charlie Baker may have or to put towards Mitt’s Massachusetts Primary bid.

    Why not, that’s the sort of Enron-like accounting we’ve been getting from “transparent” propaganda reports that were made public.  And so everyone should know, the reason the party can’t give us a more accurate accounting, is because we have the only accounting software on the planet that can’t import or export data from Excel or similar spreadsheets.

    Oh yes and to drive home the point; while Peter and others were in dire need of funds for their recounts, the state GOP was meeting at the Marriott for $1,500 when they could just as easily meet at the local VFW or Nights of Columbus Hall for a $100. The Merrimack Street staff could have made run to Party Needs and BJ’s a spent couple hundred bucks on refreshments and the MA GOP could have have immediately sent the $1,200 to these candidates. But meeting at a VFW post is beneat the party going jet set.

  • I think Holly Robichaud is great.  I deeply appreciate her work in the Boston Herald and I’ve seen her at work with her various candidates.  I’ve no ax to grind with her & indeed I thank her for her tireless efforts on behalf of the party for all these years.

    I had several chats with Holly over the eleciton cycle.  She kept asking about candidate support & since I’m probably one of her few FB friends on the Candidates Committee I tried to oblige.  I don’t think we often agreed on much, I mean…it seemed no matter what non-confidential information I mentioned to her was discounted.  That said, I applaud her for constantly seeking the best interests of her candidates.

    Let me say that this column makes me a bit suspect as having an ulterior motive.

    Here’s why:

    At the last State Committee meeting Holly was reputed to be leading the jeering & booing coming from the back and back corner of the room.  Now, I’m no good at picking out voices in a crows as my hearing isn’t the greatest but it was attested to me by several.

    As such, it’s plainly obviously that Holly is for any Republican chairman candidate that opposses Jennifer Nassour.  You, me, Bill McCarthy, John Doe, or the Boogeyman could run against Jenn & Holly would support the other.

    It got down to the point that Holly was sending out tweets nitpicking on the misspelling of Shaunna O’Connell’s first name.  This was weeks ago during the re-count.

    Speaking of the recount, I’m a wee bit confused on this as I would get emails & other contacts from a fellow State Committee member begging people to turn out & show up for the upcomming recounts.  I even put in a plea during my Region 5 meeting during the last State Committee meeting.  These requests came allegedly from the candidate to the State Committee member before me.  Yet, other State Committee members & those in a position to know would inform me that Holly specifically said that they didn’t need assistance and that the help was neither needed nor wanted by the MassGOP.

    As regional chair, I show up at the recount in Taunton, being told shifts were roughly 12-4 & 4-8 and being habitually late myself & a friend showed up at 1.  Executive Director Nate Little of the MassGOP was there along with a great many other friendsly faces (including Bill McCarthy, in fact he & I had a nice conversation concerning how our differences over race are not personal).  I stayed until about 4 pm when everything had essentially wound down.

    My over all point?  It’s clearly obvious that Holly Robichaud does NOT like Jennifer Nassour.  While I have no direct evidence to the contrary, it appears the feeling is likely mutual.

    As such, why is it unusual or unexpected that Jennifer Nassour would refuse to respond to an email interview by Holly Robichaud?  Might Jenn fear that Holly was setting up an ambush or would simply twist the words?  

    Hey, if it was me… I’d probably have responded to Holly via email, on the phone, or whatever it was.  Then again, I tend to run my mouth far too often on blogs than I should.

    Again, I like Holly.  She’s a passionate advocate for her candidates & she’s damn good at what she does.  However, keep in mind that she is a columnist & not a reporter.  Holly can & may often have an agenda.  Respectfully assert that this may be one of those instances, as is her right.

  • John, if you call the Newton Marriott plush…then I hate to see what you consider Spartan!

    Is it a nice facility?  Sure, it suffices.  It has a restaurant, some meeting halls, and a bunch of chairs.

    I’ve noticed that under Jenn Nassour we’ve been actually using smaller rooms within the hotel, likely to save costs.

    Of course, using these smaller rooms led to the complaints about lack of seats by the visitors.  At one time that wasn’t a problem because we opted for among the largest of venues at the Marriott, but now we meet in among the smallest.

    While nitpicky, I’m not sure if you could hold a legitimate Executive Committee, especially one that may go into an executive session, at a table in a corner of another venue.

    THAT said… I have absolutely NO problem with us meeting at a Knights of Columbus hall.  As a 4th degree knight – and that degree known as the patriotic degree – let us find a suitable central location with a main meeting hall, a side room or two, and a convinent near by restaurant for those of us treking in.

    You also admit to aiming high.  I have no idea but it’s possible that the party gets a deal at the hotel.

    Again, it’s efficent & suitable — but hardly plush.  Please don’t try to paint a picture like we meet in Boston’s Park Plaza or some other grand hotel.

  • …as a violation of fair use practices.  But instead, it gets front paged.

  • BrocktonDave

    …what Jenn Nassour thinks of Holly Robichaud.

  • edfactor

    Ms. Robichaud is not a neutral observer and her questions are not the ones a neutral observer would ask. Chairwoman Nassour should not have answered her. She should also not make her case here, as the software that runs RMG is outdated and has none of the features that would enable a productive conversation.

    As for those who complain about the minor expenses of this meeting or that, what small-minded people you are! There is such incredible wealth among right-leaning people in this state. Crumbs from their tables would make these arguments about venues superfluous. Recently, I had dinner with a wealthy Republican – a 10-hour affair at a fancy Boston restaurant where we discussed politics the entire time. Final bill for two people? $800. (we drank a lot of high-end scotch) I can’t imagine telling him how you people fight so often about who is going to get $3000 for this and that.

    If you want to blame Chairwoman Nassour for not raising enough money, that is proper.  Would Mr. McCarthy inspire wealthy conservatives to open their wallets? I have seen nothing that would convince me of that.

    What matters most are ideas, as my wealthy friend said that evening. As long as we are the party of purging RINOs, placating the tea party, and embracing talk radio, we will be fighting over thousands of dollars while the Democrats laugh at how poor and petty we are.

    (fear not – I have begun donating lots of very valuable time to improve the infrastructure of the party.)

  • the VFW in Easton charges $150, but only holds 80 people and tightly at that and only has parking for about 25 cars.  Other halls in town are 300-5oo.  Having severl meetings going on in the same room at different tables is VERY distracting to most people.  Also, If you go to BJ’s or some such place and buy food, someone has to prepare that food in a hall and them clean up afterwards.  Trust me, I have done it plenty of times and it is a lot of work.  And whoever is doing that work is not able to participate in the meetings.  

  • …succeed in getting the majority of Massachusetts voters to actually vote for the majority of Republican candidates in a majority of Massachusetts political offices? If this question can’t be fully and truthfully answered by any candidate for Massachusetts GOP Chair, then it really doesn’t matter who continues as Massachusetts GOP Chair.