Free Lunch

We are sitting around the table having a very nice Chrismas Eve Lunch and my Dad and his Girl friend are with us.  The subject of politics comes up.  And it seem that Mr. Alicia was at the Senior Center this week talking about how he has to go to court to get the election settled.  Then it comes up that Mr. Alicia did not pay for his meal.  Granted it’s $2.00 for the meal and .25 for a cup of coffee.  It seems to me that Mr. Alicia should have paid for his meal.  

Wonder how many other free meals he gets?  

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  •    Being a democrat, of course he thinks he is entitled.

      I have a question. Is it legal for a candidate to accept free meals without listing it on their finance report to OCPF? I’ll be watching.

      I am not an elected democratt. I make less than $12,000 annually. What gives this jerk , who makes 5 times more than I do, the expectation of a free lunch? Oh, right, he’s a democrat.

  • Was at Christmas dinner and my cousin is an Alicea supporter and was complaining about the results when her son who also lives in the district and is registered to vote mentioned that he did not have time to vote in November.  What an argument ensued as my cousin chastised her son for (1) not voting and (2) costing Alicea the election as her son would have voted for him.

    Turned into an interesting lesson on how important each vote is as who would have thought that a single vote could cost an election.

  • As public employees, teachers fall under the state’s ethics reform law that was created in July 2009. That law prohibits public workers from accepting gifts valued at more than $50, and requires written notification of any gift that might lend an appearance of impropriety, according to the Ethics Commission


    Granted what he did was $2.25 for the sake of being on the up and up, I would have paid it.  I know many a fine state representatives who pay for everything just to avoid any misunderstandings.